What’s new, friends?

The Write Romantics have made some lovely friends in the year or so since we started blogging.  Some have come along for interviews, others we have met in person at RNA events or through Twitter and Facebook.  Many of these lovely new friends of ours have also agreed to be contributors to our charity anthology.  We thought it was only right to set up a page on the blog where we could share news from our good friends and tell you a bit about what they’ve been up to since the last time they dropped by…

Zanna Mackenzie (Special Offers)

If you enjoy reading romantic comedy mysteries you might be interested in some special offers on Zanna Mackenzie’sCCIAOnescale Amber Reed CCIA Mystery series of books.

And The Earth Moved

An ex-boyfriend, who’s now a movie star, and desperately needs her help. Getting caught up in a celebrity murder investigation. Trying to keep tabs on a hunky special agent. Amber’s life just got very complicated.

Check out book 1 of this new cozy mystery series here, with oodles of fun, romance and the smart, sassy special agents from the CCIA – otherwise known as the Celebrity Crimes Investigation Agency – for just 99p/99c

CCIA3 (2)Forever Mine

Stalkers, shootings and sexy special agents. All part of being famous, right?

Well, they are for Oscar-winning actress Amelia Kingston when she starts getting deeply disturbing and threatening notes left by a stalker – in her bedroom!  When her boyfriend Ty is shot she calls in the CCIA. The agency sends its newest recruit Amber and her sexy special agent partner Charlie undercover to Amelia’s luxury mountain chalet to track down the person terrorising her.

But circumstances force the agency to pull Charlie off the case, meaning Amber has a new crime fighting partner to try and catch the stalker with – and he’s trouble with a capital T! He throws Amber’s life into chaos, making her question herself and her abilities as well as her relationship with Charlie. Can the two of them manage to pull together and stop the stalker before anyone else gets shot?

Check out book 3 in this mystery series hereForever Mine is released on May 28th but you can pre-order it now at the special price of just 99p/99c!

Siobhan DaikoVeronica

Siobhan has seen her first two historical novels riding high in the charts for their genre and attracting a string of rave reviews.  Siobhan has now released the first in her series of Fragrant Courtesan novellas – ‘Veronica’.  Sexy and short, historical and hot – what more could a reader want?  Available here now for only 99p.

Sophie Childs

Behind the ScenesSophie, who shares a publisher with both Jessica and Jo, released her debut novel ‘Behind the Scenes’ in February and it is now available in paperback and as an ebook here.  Sophie’s novel has been described by one book reviewer, Leah Loves, as an ‘Inspiring and uplifting novel, which speaks to the millions of girls stuck in a rut.’ –

Bethan Brooks works in London for the ultimate boss from Hell, trying to support her wannabe rockstar boyfriend. But are The Vampire Squirrels really ever going to make it big or is she doomed to be a secretary forever? Luckily, Bethan finds the perfect escape when going to the cinema. There she loses herself in another world and forgets all about the dreaded filing and monotonous office work. Imagine her surprise when one day she encounters her favourite actor on the Tube. Suddenly, she finds herself part of the glamorous movie world she only ever dreamed about. With more at stake than she could ever realise, does she really want to know what goes on behind the scenes?

Siobhan Daikolady's shadow

Siobhan, who is based in Italy, will be our guest on the blog in April, but has been a friend of orchid treethe Write Romantics for some time.  Siobhan released her debut novel ‘In My Lady’s Shadow’ late last year, to much acclaim, which is available here.

Siobhan’s second novel ‘The Orchid Tree’ will be released in February 2015 and Siobhan would love you to join the launch party and the novel is available here.

Jane LythellLOY Paperback Cover 

Jane will be our guest on the blog in December 2014 and will be telling us all about the wonderful setting of her second novel, with its exotic island location and tense storyline.

If it’s anything like Jane’s debut ‘The Lie of You’, available here, then we are definitely in for a treat.  Read Write Romantic Jo’s review of ‘The Lie of You’ on Amazon here and treat yourself to a fabulous read.

Annie Burrows
LHLwebsizeAnnie visited The Write Romantics during the summer when she confessed how hard she finds blogging, even though she’s had some seventeen books published.
Now she’s pleased to share the news that her eighteenth book has come out.  Lord Havelock’s List is another of her light-hearted regency romances for Harlequin Mills & Boon.
Lord Havelock needs a wife in a hurry, and gets his friends to help him draw up a list of what to look for in a potential bride.  But when orphaned Mary Carpenter discovers her handsome new husband’s list she’s hurt – and incensed.  If he thinks she’s a “mouse” who will be “compliant” he’s got another think coming.  She writes a list of her own, and sets about changing the terms of their convenient marriage for ever.  You can buy Annie’s latest novel here.

Carol Cooper

Carol, who was already a successful journalist and non-fiction author alongside her medical and teaching careers, launched her debut novel earlier this year.  Here she tells us what’s been happening since her last visit to the blog:

One-Night-at-the-Jacaranda_cover_eBook_sml‘One Night at the Jacaranda’ has been selling strongly, especially since it got a lovely new cover from designer Jessica Bell, and it was great to see it was a finalist in the Indie Excellence Awards 2014 and a quarter-finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards 2014.  I’m now writing my second novel which will take many of the characters from ‘One Night at the Jacaranda’ into new adventures, which like the first book will be based in London.  This autumn I’ll be taking part in the Chorleywood LitFest.  I’m also looking forward to attending the Festival of Romance, though I had to explain to my new husband that it’s for romance writers, not romance seekers. Read our review of Carol’s fantastic novel here:  Review of One Night at the Jacaranda

Amazon link here

Linda Huber

Lindas book coverLinda is one of our wonderful anthology contributors and you can read the sneak peek of her story on the anthology page.  Linda’s first novel ‘The Paradise Trees’ was published by Legend Press in February 2013 and her follow-up novel ‘The Cold Cold Sea’ is realised this month.  Find out more about Linda here.

‘The Paradise Trees’ – There is someone watching Alicia’s every move. Someone who has a plan of his own. Someone who will not stop until the people he loves most can rest together, in paradise.

‘The Cold Cold Sea’ – No-one can underestimate a mother’s love for her child, and no-one can predict the lengths one will go to, to protect her family.

Merryn Allingham (aka Isabelle Goddard)

The Crystal CageThe last time Isabelle came to see us on the blog she just had the one name but, as she has so many stories to tell, it turned out one name just wasn’t enough!  Isabelle has popped back to tell us all about her alter ego, Merryn, the exciting news about her new novel and her upcoming plans:

I’m no longer writing pure romance or setting my books in the Regency. Instead I’ve moved on a few years to Victorian England and changed genre, too – to mystery and suspense with a sprinkling of romance. A new genre deserves a new name and so Merryn Allingham has come into being. ‘The Crystal Cage’ is the first Allingham novel and tells the story of a long-lost tragedy, and the way echoes from the past can powerfully influence the life of a modern day heroine. The next few books will see another move timewise, a suspense trilogy set in India and wartime London during the 1930s and 1940s. I’ve found that I love writing mystery along with romance, and love dipping into different time periods. I expect Merryn will be around for quite some time!



Kerry Fisher

School_Gate final jpegKerry first came to see us in the early days of the blog, to tell us all about her self-published novel then call ‘The Class Ceiling’.  Since then, Kerry has secured herself an agent and book deal with Avon Harper Collins – wonderful news!  Her debut novel is now titled ‘The School Gate Survival Guide’ and is available now in e-book form, with the paperback out on 11 September 2014.  Kerry will be coming back to see us on the blog in October, to tell us all about her follow-up novel and what life is like as a published author.  You can read a wonderful interview with Kerry here, featured in Female First, where she talks about why being called ‘Doctor Fisher’ in Italy was so terrifying!

Amazon link: http://bit.ly/SchoolGate

Kerry’s Author page: http://www.kerryfisherauthor.com




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