The Wednesday Wondering – Romancing the Write Romantics

Good morning to you all and welcome to another Wednesday Wondering.

Even though some of the Write Romantics are digressing into alternative writing styles, we still love a good romance and are all write romantics at heart so today’s Wondering addresses that very subject and was posed by me:

What’s the most romantic thing that has ever happened to you/that anyone has done for you?

Awww. Love is in the air! Here’s what some of the Write Romantics had to say.



For me it was not long after I met Steve my husband. He was going on a lads holiday to Tenerife and the day after he went I got the most beautiful bouquet of red roses and a huge heart shaped box of chocolates delivered. Needless to say it was a one off and has never been repeated although we’ve been married almost 23 years.



This was a fun “wondering” to think about as it took me back through the years. I would have to say that proposals and weddings get me every time, so I’m afraid my response may be a little cliché!

When we holidayed in the UK in 2003 my husband and I rented a small powered boat and took it out along the Norfolk Broads. The day started out beautifully with the sun shining, the smell of summer. We moored up outside a pub and enjoyed a Ploughman’s lunch (you have to absorb all things UK when you’re on holiday!) When we returned to the boat the heavens opened and the temperature had dropped. We set the boat free ready to chug back to my parents’ place, but the boat wouldn’t start. Luckily we had taken a mobile with us and managed to call the owner of the place where we had rented the boat but it took a shivering, wet hour or so for him to arrive whilst we huddled in the boat to try and stay warm and drifted away from the river bank. Apparently my husband was going to propose on this day…but he decided it wasn’t quite the moment.

Luckily for me, my husband found his moment at another pub lunch – this time with prawn cocktail baguettes – the day before we were due to return to Australia. This time the sun persisted and as we strolled along the river bank . He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I think that one of the most romantic things for me was that I knew that something was up…he never gets nervous or tongue tied and it made the moment so special to see how much it meant to him, especially when he told me about his failed attempt the first time and that he had the ring tucked into his fleece pocket all day, paranoid that he would lose it with all the drama on the boat!



The most romantic thing ever was when a boyfriend put a fresh peach in a bag under my windscreen with the words ‘a peach for a peach’ written on the bag. Aww bless him.



Hubby and I have just been giggling because, having been together for over a decade, I feel I should be writing about something he’s done but I couldn’t think of anything. So I asked him. And he couldn’t think of anything either! He said, “Ooh, there’ve been so many …” then cracked up giggling, eventually concluding with, “You’ll have to make something up!” Well, I am a writer so that should be easy but that’s not the point of this segment!

So, I’m going to ditch the hubby (for this slot, not in real life!) and go back to my 1st year at university. A close friend and I had started seeing each other about a month before Valentine’s Day. On Feb 13th, we’d gone to the bar opposite our Halls of Residence with another male friend and the pair of them kept acting strangely and asking random questions about whether I liked surprises and whether I would be going straight to bed after we left the bar. I knew they were scheming something but wasn’t sure what. At midnight, I was in my room about to get ready for bed when there was a bit of a commotion in the corridor followed by a knock on my door. My boyfriend was stood there in nothing but a pair of white boxer shorts with red hearts on them, with a red rose between his teeth, clutching a bottle of bubbly in one hand and some chocolates in the other (although I may have made up the chocolate part – wishful thinking!) He’d run down two freezing cold flights of stairs dressed like that and had encountered several other students en route to his dismay and embarrassment!

Later that day, I left my door propped open while I made a cup of tea. When I returned, there was a Sad Sam (remember them – cute puppy dog with huge sad eyes?) on my bed and a card. I assumed they were from the boyfriend and was touched that he’d bought me a cuddly and snuck it into my room. Only they weren’t from him! They were from the lad who lived next door who was a good friend of mine and my boyfriend’s! The card was full of declarations of love for me and how he knew I was taken but he’d be there for me if things went wrong with the bf! Eek! Romantic … but completely inappropriate! Then, as I was wondering what to do, the bf appeared so I had to confess. He wasn’t a happy chappy at all. I assured him that he was the only one for me … but was secretly very flattered. I’d had zero success with boys before going to uni and now I had two fighting over me. Go Julie!!!!



It was romantic for me receiving a single red rose on the morning of my wedding day, with a note to say ‘I can’t wait to see you’ – from the man I’m now married to of course! Occasionally he will pick a few daffodils in the spring and give them to me but he doesn’t say it with flowers really. I often wonder if he was put up to the red rose.

Nowadays, after almost twenty years of marriage, the romantic things are the gestures that show he cares, not great bunches of flowers. Only last month, when I was due to go away for the RNA conference he knew that the farm silage was going to clash. Usually I would be up to my eyes in making food for endless streams of men, but he didn’t tell me and organised others to make food and help on the farm so I could go, knowing how important that weekend was to me.

I’m not even sure I’d want to be bombarded with flowers, perfumes, chocolates etc, but I love it when my heroes show their romantic side!


What a fabulous mix of different stories. I think I’m going to spend the day racking my brain now, desperately trying to think of something romantic the hubby has done for me (other than proposing) cos there must be something. Mustn’t there? If not, get your act together Heslington!!!!

Over to you. Please do share your experiences. We’d love to hear them. And they may even inspire a future novel!