Rachael Thomas’s Books

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November 2017

Valdez’s Bartered Bride

Valdez'z Bartered Bride-UK

Other books by Rachael

Di Marcello’s Secret Son            A Child Claimed by Gold

May 2017                                      January 2017

Di Marcello's Secret Son-UK                              a-child-claimed-by-gold-uk-cover

To Blackmail a Di Sione             Married for The Italian’s Heir

September 2016                           November 2016

51klstxdzl                                married-for-the-italians-heir-uk-cover

New Year at the Boss’s Bidding               The Sheikh’s Last Mistress

January 2016                                                   May 2016

New Year at the Boss's Bidding ebook                                the-sheikhs-last-mistress-uk-cover

From One Night to Wife            Craving Her Enemy’s Touch

September 2015                            May 2015

From One Night To Wife UK                              Craving Her Enemy's Touch

Claimed by the Sheikh                                    A Deal Before The Altar

February 2015                                                October 2015

Claimed by the Sheikh                             A Deal Before the Altar


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