Dealing with Writer’s Block by Lynda Renham

lyndaI’m very excited to be on the Write Romantics’ blog. Thank you so much for inviting me and for featuring my new novel ‘Perfect Weddings’ which I can now tell you, I never imagined would be finished.

I’m overwhelmed by its success and how much people are enjoying it. It’s the first time I have had so many messages from people telling me this is my best book yet. I have to pinch myself sometimes when I remember how I almost gave up on this book.

I developed that nightmarish thing that us writers despair of, named writers block. Nothing and I mean absolutely nothing seemed to come out of my head. I would sit at the laptop day in 9780993402623_PerfectWeddingsand day out, praying for something. I’d go for walks. I would sit and cry. I would demand of my cat Bendy, ‘why isn’t it happening?’ But he wasn’t much help. He either purred happily or fussed around me for more food.

‘It’s no good, I’m finished,’ I said to my husband, Andrew. ‘I can’t write comedy anymore. No wonder Comics kill themselves.’

‘It’s not that bad, is it?’ he asked

But it really did feel like it. What if I could never write comedy again? What would happen? That was it. I went into total meltdown.

I spent a whole day feeling sorry for myself and fighting the impulse to throw the lap top out of the A Christmas Romance Design! smaller Awindow and then an idea came to me. What if I wrote something else?  A nice little romance, perhaps? Something sweet, warm and cosy for Christmas. I still had time. Christmas was a few months away. So, I put ‘Perfect Weddings’ to one side and wrote ‘A Christmas Romance.’ The words just flowed and I loved it. Before I knew it, the novel was finished. Then it was back to ‘Perfect Weddings’ and how that flowed too.  I don’t know if there is an answer to writers block. Some authors say you should just keep writing and work through it. For me, taking a break, but still writing, worked. I do believe you should never stop writing when experiencing writers block. Even if you write rubbish, continue to write. Normally there is some gold dust to be found in that rubbish. The great thing is ‘A Christmas Romance’ became the first in the series based around the village of ‘Little Perran’ and I’m working on the second one as we speak.

So, here’s to writers block.

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6 thoughts on “Dealing with Writer’s Block by Lynda Renham

  1. Thanks so much for guesting on the blog, Lynda. It’s an interesting post. I think you’re right. When the words won’t come, and you just can’t make progress with your work, time to try something else, and try not to panic! Not easy. I suffered from this last year. The words for Kearton Bay book three just weren’t there, and I was scared and anxious. So I put it aside and ended up writing a pocket novel for The People’s Friend, then an entirely different novel, which became This Other Eden. Now I’m back at work on KB book three, and I’m not having any trouble at all. So keep writing is good advice. Good luck with Perfect Weddings. x

  2. Welcome to the blog & congratulations on so much success with your books.
    Stepping away from a novel definitely works for me too…I find I return to it with much more enthusiasm.
    Helen J Rolfe

  3. Love the cover, Lynda. Glad you were able to overcome Writer’s Block. I think trying to force something is never going to work because you’ll only end up hating it. Wishing you continued success with it.
    Jessica x

  4. So helpful but now I can’t decide how to sort the second novel…too many conflicting ideas. Perhaps I’ll take up knitting for a while!

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