Listening to a story

My fifth book, New Year at the Boss’s Bidding, is out now and for the first time one of my books is availableNew Year at the Boss's Bidding as an audio book. I was really excited when I was told this, but it got me thinking about the whole concept of audio books.

Have you ever listened to a book? My first answer to that question was yes. A long time ago I bought a CD (before the days of download!) but then the question transported me back to my childhood, to sitting on the floor of the classroom, in the reading corner, listening to a story being read by the teacher. From there, my trip down memory lane went to a television series  I loved watching. Jackanory was BBC’s story telling series which ran for over thirty years. So I guess listening to a story is something I do enjoy. I’d just forgotten all about it.

audio libro

I’m now quite full of enthusiasm to just sit and listen to a book. Imagine curling up on the sofa with a nice cup of tea and a story being read to you. What about listening while doing jobs around the home? When I’m in the kitchen I often have the television on for company, so wouldn’t an audio book be better? And then there’s travelling. I can just imagine being on a train, watching the landscape pass by whilst listening to a story.

I’m going to give them a try, but what do you think? Is listening really reading?

Happy reading – or listening!





17 thoughts on “Listening to a story

  1. If you are into exercising on a treadmill, then listening to a good audio book could be a way to pass the time. I’ve never tried it, but I’ve been told about this by several friends.

  2. You’ve brought back very happy memories of primary school days, when all our work would be packed away and the teacher would make us gather round while she read the latest instalment of that week’s chosen book. My favourite time of the day. Like you, I’d forgotten about it. Maybe it would be worth trying audio books, after all.

  3. I think they are two different experiences, but audiobooks definitely have their place. I like to listen at bedtime (PG Wodehouse, stories I know inside out so I can drift off to sleep without worrying about it!) and if I am ill in bed and can’t cope with the TV. I also used to listen to them on my MP3 player when I had a long walk to work from the train station. I imagine they are a good idea while exercising, as Siobhan suggested, too.

  4. I think audio books are great. I don’t own any at the moment but they do have their place, and they are wonderful for people who can’t read for whatever reason. My mother-in-law used to devour them, she got them in the post each week from a charity for the blind and partially sighted. I used to listen to them while I was ironing.

  5. I am a huge fan of audiobooks. I have a subscription to Audible and have listened to over 150 books in the past two years. My commute to work is much more enjoyable now 🙂 The first thing I did after my debut novel and memoir were published was to have them made into audiobooks. My experience with was so positive, I’ve actually developed a seminar about the process that I’ve given to local groups. Thanks for your post!

  6. Ah, I loved Jackanory too, Rachael, and you’ve put me in the mood for giving audio books a try too 🙂 Congratulations on having your fabulous 5th novel made into an audio book. Your career just goes from strength to strength xx

  7. Thanks for talking about Jackanory today Rachael, brought back lots of happy memories! I’m not a big audio book fan despite various friends lending me a variety of audio books over the years. I do love radio drama though and like Helen often listen to stories that I know when I’m ill or trying to get to sleep. Congratulations on having your novel turned into an audio book, Rachael. That’s an amazing achievement! xx

  8. I loved Jackanory too, and the lovely storytelling events you get nowadays. I’d never thought of listening to audio books but its a great idea & I could listen whilst drawing. I’ll look for some I think. Rachael how great that you’ve written 5 books now! You must bring pleasure to lots of people, you have the very best second job! 🙂 xx

  9. I’ve yet to listen to an audio book but have a friend who swears by them… She listens to them in the car.
    I’d forgotten about Jackanory! I loved it too 🙂
    Congratulations on the audio book…it’ll reach more readers which is lovely 🙂
    Helen J Rolfe

  10. Congratulations on the new release. I just added it to my collection today. Audio books are something I’ve never tried although I know of people who always take them on a car journey. I’ve always thought that I’d lose concentration, find my mind wandering, and completely miss most of the story! I won’t know until I try, though

  11. I sleep very badly perhaps this is the answer for me as I don’t read in bed because I don’t want to disturb my husband.

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