Its all about the people!!!

Who can forget the astounding snobbery of Margot Leadbetter? The stunning arrogance of Sir Edmund Blackadder? The spirited wit and common sense of Elizabeth Bennet? The decency of Abel Magwitch? The feisty independence of Bathsheba Everdene? None of these people ever really lived, yet all of them have left their mark on our collective understanding of the world. Google them and you’ll find loads about them.


You see, great stories aren’t just about the plot, but the characters. The best stories have memorable characters, and when well drawn it’s hard to believe they never existed. They feel familiar, as if they’re people we know. To me that’s the greatest delight of reading and writing, I love people, well most of them anyway, and keep a mental record of the most interesting ones.

Since starting this post I’ve broken the middle finger of my left hand and can’t type much. I was fishing for american crayfish with my grandsons and took a break to sit on a new picnic stool. It felt a bit rocky so I put my finger beneath whereupon it totally broke, crushing the finger in the X frame as it collapsed!

Its not much fun but I was rapidly put back together by our wonderful NHS, aided by 9 yr old Joshua giving detailed accounts to every medical professional we encountered. Even the most hardened medics went pale when enlightened with the particulars of every drop of blood and bit of swelling! One good thing, my daughter is doing ‘A’ level law and wants to be a barrister said to me ‘I think you have a nice little product negligence claim there mum!’ She’s got the hang of it already!

And if you’re wondering who the cranky looking person above is, think moi, dotty enough to delve around in the infant river Thames for crayfish and attend a Mad Hatters Tea Party in a get up that would grace any hatter, mad or not.

Want to know where to find quirky characters? Look no further!



7 thoughts on “Its all about the people!!!

  1. Thanks for your comments folks, my finger hs gone wonderful shades of burgundy, purple, yellow, green… how am I going to choose nail varnish to match!!??? 🙂

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