Mega Monday – Handle Me with Care by Helen J Rolfe


Last week saw the publication of my second book, Handle Me with Care, and it was every bit as exciting as the release of my debut novel, The Friendship Tree, back in February.

Handle Me with Care is a novel about second chances. With a tagline of ‘Her second love…his second chance’, it tells the story of Evan and Maddie, both of whom face significant challenges along the way. Maddie has been haunted by the death of her boyfriend in the 9/11 attacks and has resisted any serious relationship since. But when she meets Evan, she starts to believe in the one after the one. Evan is serially single but when he meets Maddie, he too feels a connection. But when he faces his own battle with testicular cancer, both Evan and Maddie must fight if they are to find their Happy Ever After.

Handle Me with Care

I loved writing this book. The research stage was quite lengthy given the content but it really helped me to develop my characters. I fell in love with them all and it was really hard to let them go when I’d finished!

Publication Day was tiring but fabulous. My husband took me out for lunch and a few glasses of Prosecco and as per tradition, I made a cake with an image of the book cover on top.


And now it’s on with the hard work of promoting Handle Me with Care and working on my next book which I hope to hmwccake2release in October this year. More details to come soon and they can be found on my Facebook page, my website or by following me on Twitter.

Helen J Rolfe x



Twitter: @hjrolfe

Handle Me with Care is available on Amazon:

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4 thoughts on “Mega Monday – Handle Me with Care by Helen J Rolfe

  1. Terrific, Helen! It’s already waiting on my Kindle. Best of luck with all your writing – you deserve success. x

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