A Major Awards Ceremony!!!

I thought my days of attending grand awards ceremonies finished when I left university,  I had rather enjoyed  my day as a new graduate, being the centre of attention and flowing around in that wonderful black gown all day which made a wonderful, swishy, trail behind you if you learnt exactly how to move in the right way, an art that I perfected, but  little did I know that fate had a similar day in store for me. Although there was no swishy cape I did get to wear my fave thick silk dress and posh shoes.

It all came about because the book my mother and I had written had been read by the New Writer’s Scheme  run by the Romantic Novelist’s Association and that qualified it to be entered to the Joan Hessayon Prize for new writers. The award is a romantic story in itself. Dr Hessayon, who might be known to you as an author of gardening books and he donated a prize  to the association in his wife’s name. Its lovely isn’t it?

The award ceremony takes place in the rather grand setting of the Royal Overseas League in London , I was asked to be there a little earlier than attendee’s to have my photograph taken and this is the group photo we had taken.  It was lovely to meet my fellow newly published authors and be centre of the attention for once!! I never expected to  win, my first published novel was a pocket novel by D.C.Thomson and it was written with a little help from my mother. Mum was really poorly  and when visiting her I’d tell her about my story and she’s make helpful plot suggestions, so I put her as author and she had her name on the cover.

She was thrilled ‘I never thought I’d get to 86 and get my name on the front of a book !’ she said!

It was wonderful to see her so happy, she is so ill there is little we can do to cheer her up, but having her name on the front of a book was just the ticket!

Really, I had had my prize just by seeing mum so happy, but I went to the awards ceremony anyway. Needless to say I didn’t win, the excellent Brigit Coady and her novel ‘Nobody wants to be Miss Havisham’ took the award.

But I had a wonderful day meeting up with some of my fellow Write Romantics, seeing  Annie Lennox in the cafe and catching up with other author friends.  I  have now published my first novel through kindle direct and its doing really well. Its been more popular than I ever imagined! I tried to upload a photo of the cover but my book but my technical skills on my new mac  aren’t up to it yet. I’ll do that for a future post, but if you’re on Amazon check out ‘Please Adopt Me’ by Lynne Pardoe.  I totally love the cover and never tire of checking it out!

It just goes to show, you can never tell what fate has got in store for you!         Joan Hessayon contenders smaller


7 thoughts on “A Major Awards Ceremony!!!

  1. It was lovely to see you in the line up for the Joan Hessayon award at the summer party. Congratulations and I look forward to reading your story!
    Helen J Rolfe x

  2. You deserve your success, Lynne. It was lovely to be able to share the occasion with you, and of course the scrumptious tea at the Wolseley!

  3. I so wish I could have been there Lynne, but we will get together this summer and maybe, one of these days, head up to Yorkshire in a convoy of campervans! Well done on your success, really well deserved xx

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