Rachael’s Creative Companions

Writing is a solitary occupation, or so we are told. I don’t have someone stood by desk I can just run a scenario past or bounce ideas off, but I am lucky enough to have my creative companions. Yes, you guessed it. Pets.DSCF0411-small

Tara is my now 13 year old golden retriever and she likes nothing more than to settle down next to my desk while I write. She always starts to complain mid-afternoon if I haven’t stopped to feed and take her for a walk. A breath of fresh air can be good if I need to ponder over the next part of my story. It isn’t much fun though, when all I want to do is stay lost in my story.

I’ve also been lucky enough to share my writing journey with two lovely cats Bella and Mags. They came to live with me as older cats, but soon discovered the joy of being a writer’s cat. Keyboards to walk over, papers to sit on, pens and pencils to flick around and a lovely comfortable sofa to curl up and sleep on when the tapping of the keyboard became too much.


Of course, at this time of the year, cats have extra things to amuse them. Christmas trees adorned with tinkling baubles and lots of glittery things. It’s amazing how a shiny tree decoration can provide so many hours of entertainment.

I feel very privileged to have shared many writing hours with such good friends. Do you have creative companions? I’d love to hear about them.


8 thoughts on “Rachael’s Creative Companions

  1. Lovely pets, Rachael! Our dog doesn’t go upstairs so I’m left alone when I’m writing, but if I’m downstairs reading she likes to shove her nose under the book, Kindle or magazine and try to knock it off my lap so I’ll talk to her instead.
    When I was living at my daughters’s her gorgeous cat loved to stroll across my laptop as I sat there, busily tapping on the keyboard. He had no respect for the muse at all, and often head-butted my hand as I typed to remind me that there were far more important things in life…namely him. 🙂

  2. What a lovely short and sweet post. I’ve got four dogs who keep me company whilst I am working from home – writing and other work – they know how to comfort me when things aren’t quite going to plan and never take offence if I ignore them for a while when it’s going well! And, yes, in case you’re wondering, I do talk to them quite a bit and the best part is that they never answer back 🙂 x

  3. How lovely! we have five mini schnauzers who snuggle up to me on the sofa when I write. They’re great company, I run my fingers through their soft fur whilst I’m thinking out my story! They sleep with us on the bed and wake us in the morning with sniffs which is really sweet and a nice start to the day!! 🙂 x

  4. Loving your animal companions, Rachael. As a cat lady though, I have to say the cats do it for me every time. I have one, a tabby and white called Chester, although I wouldn’t say he’s the greatest creative companion as he’s more likely to make a din downstairs if he thinks it’s time I got off my creative backside and fed him!

  5. The pets who accompany me in my writing space are very quiet…two veil tail marble angelfish I raised from tots (1 inch long to start – they are each now bigger than my outstretched hand) and a betta in a separate tank. They don’t say much, but offer their silent support.

  6. Aw, lovely writing companions Rachael. I have a cat who occasionally comes in squeaking and demanding a fuss. He has been known to wander over the keyboard and create rather unusual scenes in my novels but he doesn’t do it very often. We had another cat but she passed away in September although she didn’t tend to be much of a writing companion, preferring to be downstairs. I do have a couple of hundred teddy bears to keep me company, though!
    Jessica xx

  7. I thought I’d see cows too 🙂
    Lovely pictures Rachael…we had Labradors when I was growing up and they’re lovely company when they sit at your feet – even warm your feet up sometimes.
    Helen R x

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