Mega Monday Announcement: An Angel Gets His Wings!

It’s been an amazing few months for The Write Romantics.

September and October brought good news for Jessica Redland, Jo Bartlett, Helen J Rolfe, Deirdre Palmer and Lynne Pardoe, who all secured publishing deals. A Deal Before the Altar, the debut novel from Rachael Thomas was published by Mills and Boon Modern, and The Forgotten Cottage, the third in the outstanding Annie Graham series by Helen Phifer was released by Carina.

Anthology coverIn November we published our anthology of short stories, Winter Tales, in aid of The Cystic Fibrosis Trust and The Teenage Cancer Trust, so we all became published authors overnight! It was a strange feeling to hold the paperback in my hands and to see my name in print. Finally, I felt like a real writer, and as someone who doesn’t usually write short stories, I felt quite proud that The Other Side of Christmas was included in a collection of fabulous stories written by some truly talented authors. November also brought the release of Jo Bartlett’s debut novella, the delightful The Gift of Christmas Yet to Come, which has earned great reviews and, along with Winter Tales, is the perfect treat for a cosy night in by the fire.  


So all in all, we’ve had a fabulous few months, as you can see. And it doesn’t stop there, because today I have yet another amazing piece of news to impart.

My series of four books set in the fictional North Yorkshire coastal village of Kearton Bay, has found a home with Fabrian Books, and the first, There Must Be An Angel, will be available to buy in both ebook and paperback format from March 2015. angel cover

I am delighted that – finally – people will be able to read the novel I’ve been banging on about for so long! I have to admit, though, that I’m also very nervous. I started work on There Must Be An Angel three years ago, and it’s quite nerve-wracking to think that it will actually be available for people to read at last.

I have a busy few months in store for me, working with editors and proofreaders and preparing the book for its launch, while tidying up book two and working on book three. It’s going to be pretty hectic but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

2014 has been a fantastic year for us. I wonder what’s next in store for The Write Romantics? 🙂



19 thoughts on “Mega Monday Announcement: An Angel Gets His Wings!

  1. Woo hoo! Massive congratulations to you Sharon, and to Fabrian Books. Stunning cover, fabulous story, wonderful person 🙂 Can’t wait to add this to the WR shelf in my office and read the final version of it. Looking forward to a cuppa and a cake to celebrate on Saturday xx

    • Thanks, Jessica. You and Jo made fabulous beta readers and you know that I owe you so much for the encouragement and the advice. So grateful. Can’t wait to see you at the weekend. X

  2. That is brilliant news Sharon, I hope I won’t have too long to wait till i can read it. Fabian books is going from strength to strength!!! 🙂

  3. A must, when we buy a house, is a bookshelf for all these wonderful Write Romantic books 🙂
    Congratulations Sharon, I really can’t wait to have a read…
    Helen R x

    • Gulp. Hope you enjoy it, Helen. People keep telling me they can’t wait to read it and I can feel my blood pressure rising each time! Nerve-wracking. But I’ll be buying yours before you know it and yes, I have bought that bookcase! 🙂

  4. What an amazing time you’re all having. Lovely to read all about your successful year and wishing you every luck, Sharon, with ‘There Must Be An Angel’

  5. So excited and delighted of you and really, really proud of you too! I know readers are going to love Angel and fall in love with all the fabulous characters at Kearton Bay. Massive congratulations!
    Alys xx

  6. Oh, Alys, thank you! You and I both know that if it hadn’t been for you and Jessica talking some sense into me and boosting my confidence that day I may never have sent Angel to the NWS and things would have been very different. In fact if you hadn’t posted your introduction on Romna that day I would never have met you and then where would I have been? I think you’re my angel! 🙂

  7. Congratulations, Sharon, that’s fantastic news! Wishing you every success with There Must be an Angel.

    I’ve just finished reading Winter Tales and thoroughly enjoyed it – thank you to all the Write Romantics and Guests! 🙂 xx

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