Mega Monday Announcement – It’s Helen J Rolfe’s turn to sign a publishing deal!

In 2011 I wrote my first novel. Of course I thought it was fabulous, I thought that I’d be an overnight success and that I’d have publishers falling at my feet. However, reality soon hit after I submitted it to a few agents and was of course rejected. Realising what a feat it really is to not only write a book but write a book that people would want to read, I joined the RNA’s New Writer’s Scheme in 2012 and began to get serious.

‘The Friendship Tree’ was my second completed novel and just over a week ago on a Saturday evening I received an email from Crooked Cat Publishing. Glass of wine in hand at eleven o’clock in the evening I decided to turn off the iPad and relax but of course, I quickly checked my emails first. Skimming the mail I noticed there was a reply from Crooked Cat but totally missed the title which said that this was an offer of a contract. I clicked on the email fully expecting a rejection but what a lovely surprise it was to receive that offer.

‘The Friendship Tree’ will be published in 2015 and I am beyond thrilled to have become part of the team with Crooked Cat Publishing and to be so warmly welcomed by the other authors. I join fellow Write Romantic Harriet James who will also be publishing her novel, ‘Remarkable Things’, with Crooked Cat in 2015.

A very timely article appeared in the Romance Writers’ of Australia’s Hearts Talk magazine recently titled ‘Living the Dream’. In the article Anne Gracie writes about how the learning curve of a writer never stops whether you’re just starting out or whether you’re writing your next book, or the one after that. My writing journey has been both fun and exhausting along the way. At times I’ve written for hours on end, at other times I’ve wondered whether it’s all worth it. But those ups and downs, I now know, are all a part of a writer’s life. And it’s the life that I really want.

Yesterday I celebrated my publishing deal and the realisation of my dream in the only way I could…with a few glasses of champagne overlooking Sydney Harbour 🙂



14 thoughts on “Mega Monday Announcement – It’s Helen J Rolfe’s turn to sign a publishing deal!

  1. Huge congratulations, Helen! And how lovely to be “publishing pals” with Harriet.
    The Crooked Cat authors seem a lovely bunch so I’m sure you’ll fit right in.
    Looking forward to reading The Friendship Tree. X

  2. Fantastic news, Helen! Well done you. I love your title, The Friendship Tree, and look forward to reading the book. So glad were going to be Cool Cats together! 😉

  3. Congratulations again, Helen. How fabulous that you and Harriet will get to be ‘feline’ fabulous about your new writing careers together – apologies for the terrible pun! xx

  4. Thank you Lizzie and Wendy 🙂
    Lizzie, it was lovely to meet you in Shropshire this year and I hope to see you at another RNA event in the not too distant future!
    Helen R x

  5. Just realised I’d shared and tweeted but forgotten to comment on here!! Durr!! Absolutely delighted for you for your amazing news. Well deserved. Look forward to following yours and Harriet’s Crooked Cat journeys xxxx

  6. Lol Julie…it’s easy to do that isn’t it?!? Thank you my lovely…I’m so glad to be on my writing journey with so many amazing writing friends 🙂

    Helen x

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