The Saturday Spotlight on Sophie Rose Williamson

Our guest blogger today is Sophie Rose Williamson, who has stopped by to tell us all about the experiences that have influenced her writing and the journey that the characters in her best-selling novel ‘Here Come The Girls’ have taken her on.

S2I am a writer, a wife and a mother. My magical woven carpeted journey towards making the shelves of America’s biggest bookstore Barnes and Noble has been a rollercoaster of twists and turns. I suppose it is a bit like the funfair. There were many rides along the way. Some of them were fairly scary. Some were terribly frightening.

I thought about giving up so many times. The price of making it, of becoming published, famous, a success, is quite steep. The secret of my work and writing has been hard work. I never give up. Sometimes it is quite demoralising. There are no big cheques, a few small ones. Sometimes you don’t make it into the top ten. Yet on the other side of the pond you make it into the American Charts at number 16. That is a staggering feat for a little known Irish paperback writer.

The greatest influence on my writing is my childhood. It was so breathtaking. We spent each and every summer in Garryvoe and Shannon Garry which is situated near Midleton in East Cork, Ireland. Our large extended family drenched the surrounding houses and caravan parks. We took long summer walks along the green cliffs to mesmerizing places like Paradise Cove. The different coloured rocks, the snow capped waves crashing against the stony beaches.   Mam would always be waiting when I arrived home. She never scolded me. Though my father would be irate all the while thinking it was far too dangerous for a little girl to go.

My cousins Anthony and Kenneth would join us. They were my best friends really. All through my childhood they were my constant. I loved them dearly. I wished they would never leave my side. Discos, tennis, running, crazy golf, pottery making classes, summers spent racing through the hot waves and chasing each other on the sand. My imagination went wild. As such, as a teenager living in the equally dreamy sand soaked island of Cyprus my writing career began.

These are the locations which my books are based on. The series Here Come the Girls, followed by Gypsy, are based on my experiences, loosely and in the fictional sense. They are trapped full of Christmas trimmings, childhood and teenage romances. The delectable principal character in my series gets married and moves in with her handsome, sophisticated, business man husband. He leaves her for his mistress. A horrible nervous breakdown ensues. She chases fame, gives birth to an adorable gaggle of children. We are drawn towards a broken women, engulfed in despair, in pain and overcome with grief.

I cannot begin to explain how my books crossed over into the mythical and magical world of another realm. Yet they did. As a broken women, who seems to cry uncontrollably, Amber enters a fantasy world. It takes her away from the despair of her tragic domestic reality. The dark reality that her husband left her one day for the other women, younger, sexier, far superior in each and every way.

I would say that my children, my childhood, my romances and my studies have hugely influenced my writing. I studied history of art at the S1fantastic Trinity College Dublin. It was such a privileged and amazing experience.

So magical mythological creatures, gothic churches with illuminated arched windows, furry snowy owls, and candy floss god mothers, dark lords and dragons creep along the pages of the adult series Here Come the Girls. I am guessing, Amber, the principal character, needed to take a train, to somewhere just to escape the sheer misery life without her children had become. Here Come the Girls is for everyone. It is so innocent, incredibly sexy, a tide of emotions and tears.

The third instalment, Wish List is in the making. I am planning to lock myself away in a quiet place to finish my books. For now its glitz, glamour, photo shoots, hair straigherners, and lip gloss as the books hit the press.  I am focusing on my writing, businesses in the beauty world and building a modest life for my ever growing family.

To find out more please visit my website. The Here Come The Girls Series is available at Barnes and Noble across the USA, Publish America and Amazon worldwide.


Thank you so much for joining us on the blog today, Sophie, and for that poetic and fascinating insight into your past experiences and the way you have woven these into your stories.

Find out more about Sophie and her books here:

On Twitter @sophierose77


13 thoughts on “The Saturday Spotlight on Sophie Rose Williamson

  1. Wow, Sophie, you write so poetically about your childhood and I love the line about racing through hot waves in the summer! I am sure your stories must be full of great description, so I will definitely be checking them out. Jay x

  2. That was an amazing post, Sophie.
    Your writing is beautifully descriptive. I’m really intrigued by your main character and want to know more about her. I’m feeling her pain and confusion.
    The contrast between the joy of “Chrìstmas trimmings, childhood and teenage romances” and the pain of betrayal and loss is a sharp one and I can understand her need for an escape.
    I’ll definitely have to investigate this series further. Good luck with it and thanks for such an interesting post.

  3. Hi Sophie
    Thanks for joining us. Sounds like an amazing childhood and clearly it’s inspired you in both the way you write and what you write about. Your series sounds very intriguing. Am I right in thinking you didn’t set out to write in another world but the transition just happened? How exciting! I’d love to know more about how you got the call too. That also intrigues me.
    Jessica x

    • Hi Jessica, it just happened. My own need to escape my heartbreak propelled me on cold dreary nights to escape into a fantasy land, a bit like Avator, a Bit like Lord of the Rings, but the modern mom world, the fantasy land is called Wonderland. Its a bit like where us moms go to escape and have a coffee and a chat. I just an email one day after years of trying. Publish America were taking my books. They were taking them in paper back to the shelves of US Book Stores. It was utterly breath taking news. It is still surreal. Of course a film is in the line, the three books together. However, that can take 10 years to happen. Am fortunate enough to be in light talks with two of the worlds leading directors. I love their movies. They get me. I get them, maybe we can all work together and take these super natural books to the big screen.

  4. Fascinating story, Sophie. Thanks for sharing. Your description of the Ireland of your childhood is so evocative that’s easy to see why it inspired your writing.

    • Hi Deirdre, Ireland is the place of magic, mystery and of course fairy forts. A bit like Easter Island, with many treasures and such a rich history. It is impossible not to adore this country, I call home, Ireland.

  5. Wow your post is just what I love about irish writing, full of magical descriptions, beautiful. Thank you so much for posting, I’ll check out your books Lynne 🙂

  6. Wow, your books sound as though they enter a magical world full of intrigue…’escapism’ sums up why I read, too…there’s nothing better than losing yourself in a book that sends you on a race through every emotion possible.
    Thanks so much for coming on the blog,
    Helen R 🙂

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