Wednesday Wondering – Oscar Dreams

Oh how the time flies, this is my fourth and final Wednesday Wondering for a few months and I’ll be passing it over to my counterpart Helen Rolfe and wishing her the best of luck. This week I think I’ve got a bit carried away with myself but I was thinking; can you imagine if a film company bought the rights to my book and made it into a film, it’s what dreams are made of and we all need to have a dream.


So this weeks question is……… You are invited to the Oscars as your novel was turned into this year’s blockbuster movie. Who would you take with you?


Ideally I would want to take my husband Steve and my five children but I don’t think they would give me that many tickets. So it would be Steve, because he has been so supportive and told me all along that I can do this and because television is his life and he is a bit like a real life Homer Simpson plus I’ve never seen him wear a tuxedo 😉


Helen xx


Absolutely loving the idea of my novel being the year’s blockbuster movie. I actually can picture it up there on the big screen. Ahhhh. Ok, stop fantasising and answer the question … the obvious answer would be to take the hubby but I’m not sure he’d like an event like that cos he’s pretty shy. I think Ashleigh (my 7-year-old) would have more fun than him and it would be a great excuse for her to wear a gorgeous frock. Plus a great excuse for me to slope off early because I so don’t do late nights. Pathetic eh?

Julie xx


I would take my husband of course! Without him I could never have started writing let alone kept it going for so long. He has encouraged me when all I wanted to do was give up and he told me not to be daft as each rejection came in. He also takes over the cooking most nights and lets me get to work so he would be fully deserving of the extra ticket to the Oscars!!
Wow…what a dream eh…

Helen R x


I would take my friend Lois because she would know the names of all the stars and I mostly don’t have a clue. Plus she loves champagne!

Jax x


First and foremost I’d have to take my nearest and dearest: long-suffering husband, Michael, and sons Christopher and Luke. They have been known to scrub up well on occasions and are usefully tall, especially my boys who are around six foot three apiece. I don’t like being the centre of attention so as we walked the red carpet I’d be able to hide myself among my male entourage. At just under five eleven I take some hiding… Then I’d invite my two local writer friends who read for me and offer such great advice. One is Maureen Stenning, aka Isabelle Goddard, whose grace and elegance lends itself so well to such an occasion (she won’t agree with me, I know!). The other is a disgracefully young and handsome guy called Michael Wilson (and no, he doesn’t read this, otherwise I wouldn’t dare…). By this time you might be thinking I’m obsessed with appearance but this is the Oscars, so for one night I think I’m allowed! My final guests would be all my Write Romantic gals on the basis that there’s no show without Punch, and they’d all look beautiful in their posh frocks. Blimey, if this ever happens I’ll need the biggest table they’ve got!



I’d bring my husband, cos he’s the one who has supported me all of the way!!


Well, I would have taken George Clooney but, as he appears to have got engaged to someone else, he’s blown his chance now! I would, of course, take my nearest and dearest. My mum in particular would probably burst with pride. The Write Romantics would also be a given, if they weren’t bored with the whole thing by then because of all the blockbusters that their books have been made into… However, the one person I would love to have taken would be my Dad, who sadly is no longer with us. He was the ultimate raconteur and could tell a story or a joke like a pro. Even though he was forced to leave school at 14 when his father died, he had a thirst for knowledge that meant he was one of the most well-read and intelligent people I’ve known. His passion for books certainly rubbed off on me and, even though I couldn’t really take him, I’d be raising the biggest glass of champers in his honour.

Jo xxx

As I don’t think I would have finished Beltane without her support and encouragement I’d like to take my best friend, Jane Stockdale to the Oscars with me. Jane read each chapter of Beltane as I wrote it and gave me invaluable feedback. She made me believe I could actually write a book and because she wanted to know what was going to happen I kept writing. She is the biggest fan of Finn, my hero and I know she’d love to meet whichever actor was cast to play him (our current favourite is Athos from The Musketeers). We’d also have a fantastic giggle at all the celebrities, the frocks and the whole razzmatazz of the event. If I could have two more tickets I’d take my Mum and Dad. It would be so not their kind of thing (I can’t imagine my Dad anywhere less likely than Hollywood) but I’d want to take them to let them know how much I appreciate all they’ve done for me particularly during the past two years. And if I can have eight more tickets than I’d take the other Write Romantics for keeping me sane in this crazy writing business.



Wow! The thought of my novel being made into a blockbuster movie has totally knocked me off balance, but I’m back now! So, if that miracle did happen and I was off to the Oscars who would I take? Well it would have to be the inspiration behind my hero, the man who inspired me to sit down and create Santos Ramirez. So who is that? It’s Alex O’Loughlin, better known as Steve McGarrett from Hawaii Five O.









4 thoughts on “Wednesday Wondering – Oscar Dreams

  1. I loved this question, Helen, and what a cracker with which to end your month! I wondered if I’d been a bit boring talking family but am so glad I’m not the only one. I also feel guilty that I didn’t mention all the Write Romantics because I’d definitely want my writing family there with me! I’d have been at their premiers, after all! xx

  2. Oh Helen P, I have a real mental picture of your Steve now, sitting on the sofa with his Duff beer! Great question and I look forward to Helen R’s month of WWs xx

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