The Wednesday Wondering – Who Would You Invite To A Dinner Party?

Hello and welcome to this week’s Wednesday Wondering. It’s my turn to think up some questions and I had no idea just how hard it would be, so I take my hat off to all my fellow write romantics who have already filled this slot. My daughter is home from Uni so I have to thank her for this week’s inspiration as she watches ‘Come Dine With Me’ a lot.

This week I asked – if you could have a dinner party and invite anyone, which five guests either fictional or non fictional would you invite and whether or not anyone has had a dinner party. I’ve never hosted a dinner party in my life because of my terrible cooking but I would love to one day.

My five dinner party guests would include: Marilyn Monroe because I adore her and would love to give her a much needed hug and of course get all the gossip about what it was like being such a great Hollywood star back in the fifties. Next up would be Herman and Lily Munster because they were my childhood heroes and Herman was always good for a giggle. I would have to have Mark Darcy – aka Colin Firth because I’d make him wear one of those horrendous jumpers his mother knits and also because I love him in Bridget Jones when he tells her ‘I like you, just the way you are.’ And because my cooking skills are akin to Bridget’s so he would be able to help out in the kitchen. Last but not least I would invite Bridget herself because I think she would be a great giggle, excellent company and probably drink more wine than me 😉

Helen Phifer xx

I’d love to have a dinner party and invite five people from history present company excepted of course. First up would be Robert Plant, lead singer of Led Zepplin, whose fantastic voice and music I love. He’s also done some good stuff solo and has the most huggable looks imaginable. At one point he wanted to become a Rudolf Steiner teacher, I like that cos it suggests he cares for people and isn’t a big show-off. Then Beatrix Potter not only for her amazing animal paintings and stories, but for her work painting plants etc too. She was also one of the first conservationists and major benefactors of the National Trust. I’d also love to invite William Morris, for similar reasons to Beatrix. Thomas Hardy would be there too, because if his wonderful descriptions of Victorian Britain, and his love of nature, tradition and people. Last but not least I’d invite Jesus, cos he is just so cool. Fancy coming across a woman about to be stoned to death and saying, ‘OK, carry on. But only throw if you can be absolutely sure that you’ve never made a mistake in your life’ Then everyone drops their stone and walks away – how neat is that!


I’d invite Janet Street-Porter because she makes me laugh, and because her success comes purely from her own gritty determination and I admire her for that, even though she can be outrageously forthright.  I’d get her talking about life in sixties London, which would be so useful as research for my current book! Then I’d have Fay Weldon for her talent and graciousness.  Hopefully I’d pick up some writing tips but mostly I’d love to hear stories of her own young days – she was quite a girl and could certainly give Janet a run for her money.  To mix it all up a bit and provide some boisterous fun, I’d invite cute little Ant and Dec. My last guest would be John Torode but I may have to drag him into the kitchen – to take over the cooking, I mean.  Although he is just a little bit fit…

As for having dinner parties in real life – well, no, we’re far too anti-social!


The five guests whom I would invite to a dinner party would be:

1. Mark Darcy  from the books by Helen Fielding…I would like him to turn up in his best Christmas jumper…I think only Colin Firth has the ability to still look sexy in one of those! I love his quintessentially English dry sense of humour too.

2. Heston Blumenthal – well, how interesting would my dinner be then? He could help with preparations to wow all my guests…perhaps some edible wallpaper or a twist on the 1970’s UK school dinners. He has a cheeky look about him too, like he’s always up to mischief, so the dinner would be a lot of fun.

3. Maeve Binchy – She seemed like such a lovely woman and so well grounded for a lady who was so successful. I’d love to hear more about her life experiences and how they shaped ideas for her novels, and how she felt Ireland helped with the romance of her stories.

4. Rapunzel from the movie, Tangled – I’d love to ask her what she would most like to do with her magic hair! I’d probably need a ten seater table though so that she had the extra chairs to rest her locks 🙂

5. Emma Thompson – It would be so interesting to have this lady at a dinner party. I’d love to hear about her various acting roles, her writing for the big screen and how she manages so many avenues in her career including writing more of the Peter Rabbit series written by Beatrix Potter. She seems to have survived the influences of Hollywood too and I admire that

I have had dinner parties before and I do enjoy them, although more so pre children. These days the kids want to help and it just doesn’t work as well! One of my favourites would be the “fondue” party I had for friends when I lived in the UK. We started with the cheese fondue – lovely swiss cheese, white wine and chunks of bread. We followed it up with dessert which was a chocolate fondue…picture myself and three friends all groaning because it was just too much! The worst part was that I poured the remains of the chocolate fondue (made of chocolate and a lot of cream) into an empty bottle and left it in the kitchen to throw out the next day. I came downstairs with a delicate head and saw how the fat had separated from the rest of the mixture…not a good sight when you know you’ve eaten that the night before!

Helen R x

“When I go to a dinner party I’m always more interested in the conversation than the food so I’ve picked people who I think would be really interesting to talk to.  My guest list would be:

Elizabeth Bennett – I’ve loved Lizzy since I read Pride & Prejudice for O’ level English.  She’s witty and intelligent and not afraid to say what she thinks.

Lord Peter Wimsey  – I’ve confessed my love for Lord Peter on previous Wednesday Wonderings.  There’s a big risk in having him as a guest as he’s a bit of a connoisseur and would definitely have opinions about the wine and the food.  However, he’s also one of those people who’s genuinely interested in others (which is probably what makes him a good detective) so as well as telling great stories he’d be willing to listen.

Joss Whedon – This would be a dream come true for me to be able to sit down and have a conversation with the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly.  There are so many questions I’d want to ask him that I may be in danger of ignoring my other guests.

Richard the Third – yes, I know not an obvious choice but I’m from York and we have strong feelings about Richard.  Quite how I’m going to steer the conversation around to the murder of the princes in the tower I don’t know.  Maybe I could leave that to Lord Peter. With his lovely manners he’s bound to be able to find a way to tactfully ask how the princes died.

Richard Castle – this is a bit of light hearted one but I have a tiny bit of an addiction to US TV series Castle.  Richard Castle is a bestselling writer who starts working with the NYPD as research for his next book. It’s a bit quirky, the dialogue’s witty and Castle is pretty damned gorgeous.  I’d like to sit next to him please!”


So as you can see a pretty varied guest list in fact I think the easiest thing to do would be to forget the dinner party and have a big party and invite everyone on the list, although there may be a fight for Mark Darcy 😉

How about you do you host dinner parties and who would you invite if you could invite anyone?

Helen xxr


10 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wondering – Who Would You Invite To A Dinner Party?

  1. The thought of throwing a dinner party throws me completely into a spin. It’s something we just don’t do. Life on the farm is so busy there isn’t time. But if I was to host such an event and I could invite anyone I wanted to, who would I invite?
    I’m going to go with fictional characters, just because I can. My first invite would go to James Bond in his latest guise of Daniel Craig. Then Captain Jack Sparrow just for all the ludicrous things he will say and do. A bit of female company is needed now, so let’s have Bridget Jones and Carrie Bradshaw. And for the final guest, I would invite Harry Potter, just to mix things up!

  2. Ooh, what a fab question! Dinner parties are my idea of hell. I would be far too self-conscious to ever host one and my cooking would not be up to scratch, but I love the idea of all those guests. There are quite a few I would invite who have already been mentioned – Jesus (how fabulous – definitely number one choice!), Harry Potter, Bridget Jones, Lizzie Bennett, Richard III and Ant and Dec. So, putting those aside, I think these are the guests I would invite.
    King Arthur – because there is so much myth and legend surrounding him and I want to know which of these, if any, are true and did he really exist? In my mind he did and in Albion’s hour of need he will return – but I want proof, dammit!
    Dawn French – because she’s just so funny and happy and writes books and lives in Cornwall. Lots to discuss there and I’m sure she’d liven the party up.
    Enid Blyton – because she was my childhood heroine and so many things have been written about her and I’d love to actually meet her and find out for myself what she was really like. Also, so many books to discuss!
    Diana, Princess of Wales – because, what really happened there? And is she all right? And does she know about Prince George? I could show her pictures and hopefully lay all the conspiracy theories to rest.
    The Doctor – because if none of my other guests showed up he could just take me in The Tardis and whizz me off to see them all anyway! And because he’s The Doctor, the only one of his kind, and truly fascinating. Especially if he turns up in his eleventh incarnation!
    Sharon x

    • Excellent suggestions Sharon. I should have known that you’d invite The Doctor (is the eleventh incarnation Mr Tennant by any chance?) but why isn’t Benedict on your list? 😉

    • Great suggestions Sharon. Dawn French would be a really fab guest and would love to find out about Diana! In fact, I looked at so many of the suggested guests and thought, “wish I’d thought of that!” So may be a party rather than a dinner is in order!

  3. I never thought of Dawn French or Janet Street-Porter! I’d love them too, they are fab! I met Dawn French’s mum once, she ran an abuse treatment centre in Plymouth for women with their children. I had to take a couple of mum’s & their children there once. She has just the same sense of humour as her daughter – brilliant! I’d also love to invite Richard III, and Monty Don. We never have dinner parties either, but maybe one day we will!

  4. I’m such a muppet. I replied to this WW and wondered where my response was … then realised I’d sent it to Helen’s old email address. Durr. Seeing as I’ve done the work, here’s my response:

    I’d probably better start this answer with a question: “Can I cook?” Hmm. Not really. Well, that’s a lie. I actually can. But I choose not to. I don’t find much pleasure in preparing food. I’d rather it be prepared for me! I know that sounds lazy but it’s just something that doesn’t hold my interest. I used to cook a fair bit but I had a couple of boyfriends (not at the same time) who criticised my food for not being like their mum made/like their favourite restaurant respectively and it pretty much scarred me for life. So I avoid it. I therefore hate the idea of a dinner party where I have to cater so that’s also something I avoid. I used to hold quite a lot of parties in my twenties but they were more buffet style and usually fancy dress e.g. Hallowe’en, murder mystery etc. Good times.

    If I could have a Come Dine With Me party (catered by someone else, of course) I’d like to invite: (1) Nick the hero in my debut novel because I’m a little bit (a lot) smitten with him; (2) Sean Lock (comedian). I’ve never seen him do a gig or anything but, if I ever catch 8 out of 10 Cats on TV, he makes me laugh so much because he has such a wicked and dry sense of humour; (3) Bradley Walsh because I have a bit of a thing for him on The Chase when he gets the giggles. We’d set each other off with our infectious laughs and there’s nothing like a party where you ache from laughing; (4) Richard Castle (fictional character from the US TV series ‘Castle’). He’s a crime writer who gets inspiration from following round a female cop and helping solve crimes. If you’ve never watched Castle, I strongly recommend it. Very funny, great stories, great chemistry and Nathan Fillion who plays Castle is pretty easy on the eye. It’s the writer conversation I’m mainly after, though. Honest!; (5) Michael Buble. Who doesn’t love The Buble?! He comes across as such a genuinely nice guy every time I see him on TV and his voice is heaven. He can provide the entertainment. And if I could have another 2 guests, I’d invite Ant & Dec too cos they’re just lovely. Hmmm, what does it say about me that they’re all male? Let’s not ponder on that one …


  5. Really enjoyed reading everyone’s answers. And Julie, hands off Richard Castle – I picked him first!

    • Ah, but did you send your email to Helen first?! I probably lose having send it to the wrong address! How funny that we both picked him. Love that series so much x

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