Wednesday Wondering – What a year can bring?

As you may know, yesterday marked the one year anniversary of the Write Romantics blog and we’ve been looking back at what we have achieved over the past year, which has included two separate two-book deals, for Rachael and Helen P, and a follow up three book deal for Helen – who also appeared at the number one spot on the Amazon charts for her genre – knocking off Stephen King no less!  There have been 132  blog posts, almost 11,000 hits on the blog, 1,150 comments, loads of brilliant interviews with other writers and between us we have written well over a million words in that time.  There has also been lots of waiting on submissions and feedback, which is still going on, so hopefully the next year will bring us lots more to shout about.  In the meantime, we were Wednesday wondering about what else a year can bring…

New Life (in our case new characters)

130 million babies are born each year with Jack, William, Santiago and Mohammed amongst the most popular boys’ names globally and Emma, Charlotte, Olivia and Fatima scoring highly for the girls.  Character names for the Write Romantics this year include Annie, Will, Finn, Zoe, Nancy, Jack, Stephen, Sarah, Gary, Elise, Carol-Anne, Terry, Mark, Jeanette, Ashleigh, Tom, Isobel, Ben, Lynne, Santos, Georgina and Carlos!  It’s been a busy year of creation for the WRs.

Empire Building (our blog is the WRs home)

300,000 new houses are built each year in the UK alone and the most common road name is, wait for it… High Street, followed by Station Road, Main Street and Church Road.  Town  planners obviously don’t major in original thinking.  Although amongst the most bizarre names around the world are, would you believe, Butt Hole Street in South Yorkshire (since renamed as Archer Street), Psycho Path  in Pennsylvania and Wong Way in California – so maybe living at No. 4 The High Street doesn’t sound so bad after all!  The WRs have of course been busy creating a host of fictional homes, streets, towns and, in some cases, even worlds.


Love and Romance (that’s what we do, well most of us!)

There were around 250,000 weddings in the UK last year, 70% of these took place in civil ceremonies and the greatest number of marriages were between those aged 25 to 29.  The novels of the Write Romantics hosted several weddings of their own and lots of proposals, everywhere from castles and stately homes to the sand dunes on the beach.  There have also been lots of romantic gestures, with at least two heroes almost laying down their lives for the women they love – Ah, if only real life were like that. Let’s face it, sometimes it’s enough of a struggle to get him to do the washing-up!  That’s not to mention love scenes, tensions, arguments, making up and starting all over again – because of course the path of true love never does run smooth…

Publication (come on, seven more amongst this number isn’t that big an ask, surely? 😉 )

There are approximately 2,200,000 new books published globally each year – not to mention the millions of self-published titles of course!  With the US leading the way with over 300,000 and the UK hot on their heels with just over 200,000.   On a per capita basis, that has to put us as by far the most prolific writers in the world.  The WRs have written millions of words and at least 300,000 of those have found a publisher in the past year (between the 7 books signed up for Helen P and Rachael).  Here’s hoping the next year finds a publisher for at least another million of the WRs words 🙂

Come and tell us what you’ve achieved in the last year or maybe what you hope to achieve in the next and give us lots more to celebrate when our second birthday rolls around.

The WRs xx


16 thoughts on “Wednesday Wondering – What a year can bring?

  1. It’s certainly been a busy year! I remember checking the blog when we first started and being excited when we got to 100 hits and now look at us with 11,000! 🙂 xx

  2. I love this post, Jo! Looking forward to a second wonderful year with this group and may the good news continue!
    Helen R x

  3. Did you know Bristol has a little alley called ‘There and Back Again Lane’? and its not in the wilderness of some suburb, but right near the busy Clifton Triangle area!
    That’s a great post, its so easy to forget what we’ve done over the course of time, looking back on it makes it quite impressive!! xx 🙂

    • It some ways it seems like we’ve all known each other a lot longer than a year, Rachael, but in a good way of course! Can’t wait to see what the next year brings xx

    • Thanks Harliqueen, I loved some of the quirky names on the new babies’ list I researched and looking at how trends come full circle. Being the Blyton loving group that we are, I am just waiting for Enid to make a return – although I’m not sure I would wish that on a baby! 🙂

  4. Hi Jo, I read this post on my phone earlier today while I wandered round the outskirts of the factory on my way to a meeting. When I read about Psycho Path, I actually laughed out loud and then felt very embarrassed when two potato lorry drivers gave me slightly odd looks! What a well-reserached and inspired post. And what a wonderful way to achieve our year together. Of course, you and I have been going a little longer. Hard to believe that we’ve gone from a pair to a nine-strong force to be reckoned with and forged such wonderful friendships in such a short space of time. Looking forward to the thrills of the next 12 months together.
    Julie xx

    • I think the friendships that have been forged are amongst the best thing about the blog and the strength of these, some of them still only virtual if we want to get technical about it, is amazing 🙂 xx

  5. Ooh, just remembered, there’s a Butt Lane in a village outside Scarborough. I always giggle childishly when we drive past it!

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