Mega Monday Announcement – The Write Romantics are One Year Old!

This month marks the first anniversary of the Write Romantics getting together and the blog, and resulting friendships, have gone from strength to strength in that time.  This week’s Wednesday Wondering will look at just what we have achieved in those 12 months, but for now we just want to invite all of our lovely readers, blog guests and friends to come along to our virtual birthday party tomorrow evening.  We will be holding this on our community Facebook page at the link below and everyone is welcome to join us.  In fact, please feel free to bring along a plus one, your mum, your best friend and your next door neighbour!  The link to the Facebook page can be found here:

In the meantime, the Write Romantics also wanted to share with you just what being part of this group has meant to them:

Helen P – Being a Write Romantic has been the best thing I ever did. I am so lucky to have met such a supportive group of fellow writers who are now friends 🙂 Thank you all for everything, my super supportive friends xxx

Alex – It was a very lucky day when I went to a writer’s lunch in York last March and met Julie. She and Jo had just set up the blog and I was delighted to get involved. I never expected to meet such a fantastic, warm, supportive and generally amazing group of ladies as the Write Romantics. I was in my first year of the NWS when I joined and was just finishing my first novel. I’ve learned so much from the other members of the group and they’re always willing to share their advice and experience which has been such a big help to me. Let’s hope that we have lots more anniversaries to celebrate!

Jackie – Have had the best year ever since I joined the Write Romantics. It’s been such a confidence boost to share the journey to publication with these fabulous ladies and feel it’s only a matter of time before we all become published writers.


Julie – Being part of The Write Romantics has been one of my greatest writing achievements. We live all over, we’re different ages, we write different genres and like different things and yet we come together to provide such an incredible support group and inspiration for each other. I feel like something’s missing in my day if I haven’t communicated with the other WRs!

Lynne – The Write Romantics is a brilliant group. You can’t beat the support of a lovely group of wise members like these. Its brilliant that they know exactly what you mean about writerly things too. And when the need arises, there’s enough of us that there’s generally someone around online, but it’s not a big enough group that we don’t get to know each other well.

Deirdre – This year has been the absolute best in all the years I’ve been writing because I’ve been able to share it with my fellow Write Romantics. We celebrate with each other, we commiserate, we moan and groan, we cheer one another on, we laugh, and above all, just knowing there’s somebody there who truly ‘gets’ this writing business is priceless beyond belief. Long may it continue!

Rachael – Joining The Write Romantics has been a fun experience. To have had the support of such wonderful writers over the last year has been invaluable. You can’t beat sharing the highs and lows of writing.

The blog is brilliant and it’s great to have the deadline of coming up with answers to all the Wednesday Wonderings. On the Saturday Spotlight we have had some really great guests and interesting posts from The Write Romantics. I’m looking forward to the next year!

Helen R – Writing is a lonely occupation so when the opportunity came up to join a blog with other like-minded people, I jumped at the chance and to be honest, I haven’t looked back since. I feel especially privileged to be a part of The Write Romantics because I live overseas, in Sydney Australia, and so I wasn’t sure whether the blog group would rather have had UK residents only. Luckily for me, they didn’t!   We all have our good days and our bad. When we work in an office it’s often our colleagues who are there to lend an ear and to vent our frustrations, but as writers we only have ourselves for company the majority of the time. The great thing with The Write Romantics is that we all seem to have our down days at different times which means that the others are there to pick up the pieces, even from thousands of miles away, and the support isn’t necessarily writing related. I’ve met these friends online and never come face to face with any of them, yet our close knit group is going from strength to strength supporting each other with our writing woes, celebrating our triumphs, making each other laugh and lending an ear when its needed. Without the support of these wonderful ladies, I know that I would be struggling so much more in the journey towards publication.   And the next brilliant part for me is that in July of this year, I get to meet each and every one of The Write Romantics at the Romantic Novelists’ Association conference!

Jo – As everyone else has said the camaraderie is just the most fantastic thing and I know for a fact that I have made friends for life amongst this group.  I have rejoiced in the other WRs’ successes and been offered a virtual hug when I needed it most.  I have also been privileged to *meet* and interview lots of fantastic writers, who have been guests on the blog, and who have generously shared their time and expertise with us.

We really hope you will pop along to the party to say hello and thanks to all those of you have offered us so much support in our first year.

Lots oflove The Write Romantics xx


12 thoughts on “Mega Monday Announcement – The Write Romantics are One Year Old!

  1. Awww. I’m having a warm and fuzzy moment! Can’t wait to celebrate with most of the WRs tomorrow night and with all of you in June xxx

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