Rachael Thomas – going on a Stationery Crawl

March 31st sees the start of National Stationery Week and I love stationery. I mean what’s not to like? My desk is a shrine to it. Everything I might possibly need, neatly arranged. From post-it notes and pencils, to highlighters and notepads, they all have their place. Those that don’t fit on my desk have a lovely box in which to wait their turn. So there isn’t ever an excuse not to buy more stationery!

But the idea of National Stationery Week isn’t to adorn my desk further with items I just have to have. Shame! No, it’s to get people writing – by hand. This I already do. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than writing by hand. I favour a pencil and find if I’m ever stuck with a story, some good old fashioned scribbling does the job.

If you check out the National Stationery Week website you’ll see there are some other suggestions. One that jumped out at me was to go on a stationery crawl. How can I resist that one? There are also loads of other great suggestions, but the important thing is to spread the word and get people writing by hand.


From the picture of the contents of my stationery box, you’ll probably guess that notepads and post-it notes are my weakness. All stationery is really, but those two things have some sort of mystical power over me.

What about you? What is it that you just can’t resist buying when you are in a stationery shop and do you enjoy the feeling of actually putting pen or pencil to paper instead of fingers to keyboard?


12 thoughts on “Rachael Thomas – going on a Stationery Crawl

  1. Ah the joy of stationery! Is it a writer thing to be obsessed with stationery? It’s notebooks with me. Can’t have enough lovely notebooks. There’s something about those blank pages which is so alluring. Like you, I write by hand sometimes and I’ll often do better with a tricky scene on paper than I will on the laptop. I didn’t know about National Stationery Week. Really, it would be rude not to go stationery shopping!

  2. I only found out about National Stationery Week recently too! What a wonderful excuse to buy more notepads. It’s also amazing how much more connected you can feel to the story writing by hand.

  3. Rachael – I love writing with a pencil, preferably a short one on unlined paper. I have a sharpening session every so often but find most pencil sharpeners to be pretty rubbishy. Any recommendations?

  4. It’s notebooks with me – there are such lovely ones out there, and they don’t have to be expensive as the ones in shops like Tiger are dirt cheap yet have such amazing covers. I don’t succumb too often though. I keep one in my bag or by the bed ready to jot down ideas that arrive in my head on the bus or during the night. Then I buy a new one each time I start writing a new novel. I have to use a certain type of pen but they only cost 50 p at Tiger. My handwriting is rubbish though. I blame years of pounding a keyboard, so my lovely new notebooks are soon fouled up by scribble and yards of crossings out. Great post, Rachael!

  5. Harliqueen, my purse feels that same pain!
    Kate, a sharp pencil is a must. I might just have to go on a quest to find a good sharpener. If I find one, I’ll let you know.
    There is something magical about a lovely new notebook Deirdre, I agree with you completely. As you say, they don’t have to be expensive ones and I love the idea of a new one for each novel. I have several now filled with notes from courses and conferences.

  6. I love the look of all of this too, especially the post-its and some notebooks are just beautiful – I especially love those leather bound vintage looking ones, which look like they should contain some of Harry Potter’s spells! However, my handwriting is grim, in fact based on that I should probably have been a doctor and sometimes can’t even read it myself. So I use a mole-skin note book to jot down ideas, but I always write using the laptop. Jo x

  7. I love stationery too!! With me its especially pencils and my latest comes from cult pens reduced section. Its one of those propelling ones that you can put new leads in only this one has leads in 2B which is quite soft and, get this, every time you push the top to get more down a clever mechanism inside turns the lead so you always have a sharp edge!! Clever eh? And they have just the most gorgeous muted purple ink in cartridges that come in a little tin. I love those vintage type notebooks too, where do you get them from? x

  8. Good stationery makes the world of difference! I can’t claim to have mine all neatly arranged – maybe one day when I have a bigger desk – but there’s nothing like using a quality pen to make notes in a pretty notebook, and I do like the fluro post-its too 🙂
    And who’d have thought there was a National Stationery Week! It seems like a perfect excuse to me to go out and treat myself to something new for my desk.
    Helen R x

  9. Oooh, stationery. In my last job, I got quite excited when I was given the job of Stationery Orderer (if there’s such a job title). Sadly the only excitement I got in that role was ordering pretty coloured post-it notes as everything else was fairly bog-standard but I did get to drool over the stationery catalogue. I have a think for (a) pencil cases and (b) notebooks yet there really isn’t a call for more than one pencil case and I write straight onto the PC which means there isn’t a lot of call for notebooks either. However, I have started planning a book per notebook which is very exciting and a great excuse to buy more … except I already have about 20 in my cupboard!!! x

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