Mega Monday Annoucement from Rachael Thomas

I’m so excited to be able to be here today with an extra blog post to our usual line up. Those who have been following us recently will know I entered Harlequin’s So You Think You Can Write competition and at the end of last year made it to the Top 10 with my entry, Behind the Scandalous Façade.

I’m absolutely thrilled to say that last Thursday I got ‘The Call’. I am now a Mills and Boon author. My dream has come true.

Valentine Story Book

That dream didn’t start with the competition. That particular manuscript was my thirteenth attempt at writing for Harlequin Mills and Boon. From the remaining twelve manuscripts there are a further eight that are complete, four of which have been rejected and the other four have been through NWS. So what about the remaining four? Well they are ones that just didn’t work, but each and every one is part of my apprenticeship and a massive learning curve.

So if you ever feel despondent when another ‘no thanks’ lands in your in box, just remember nothing happens overnight. It’s taken me seven years since I first decided I wanted to write for Mills and Boon. Seven years of ups and downs, but best of all a time in which I’ve made wonderful friendships and of course, joined this fabulous group!

Look out for my Saturday Spotlight in March when I will have release dates and will be able to tell what happens after you get ‘the call’ – apart from writing the next book!


15 thoughts on “Mega Monday Annoucement from Rachael Thomas

  1. Rachael, it is so lovely to hear your story and your words of encouragement for all other writers out there. Enjoy this success…you deserve it so much, and I look forward to hearing more about your journey as it unfolds.
    Helen R x

  2. Oh Rachael, as you already know, we are all beyond thrilled at your success! I knew that you’d worked really hard to get here, but I didn’t realise quite how hard and that your SYTYCW success was actually your 13th book – no one dare say that 13 is an unlucky number now 🙂 However, luck has had very little to do with this and it’s all been about hard work and talent. I will try to remember not to moan if the first book I completed (well second if you count my attempt at an M&B Medical some 13 years ago, which was, I am sure, terrible!), doesn’t find a home with the publisher currently considering it. I am not sure if I have got your tenacity or, indeed, work ethic in producing 13 books over 7 years – that in itself takes some doing at the same time as running a business. However, I will hold on to the fact that rejections and knock-backs are part of the apprenticeship and look to you for some advice if I need picking up in a few weeks time. Congratulations again and I can’t wait to read the second Write Romantics debut release xx

  3. Rachael, so squeeeee to see your Call story! Can’t imagine how you’re feeling right now, but SO deserved! I take it the bubbly has already been opened? And thanks for such lovely encouraging words. I’ve really struggled writing my first book (nearly done!) and it’s been just over 2 years since I first started, so your success story and perseverance is a real inspiration. Congratulations! xxx

  4. Congratulations Rachael! Jo says it all. Such an inspiration and so amazing to have kept going for quite so long. I remember when we first ‘met’ you in spring 2013 and you were on the point of nearly giving up. It just shows the importance of keeping trying. So proud and, like Jo, can’t wait to put my paws on your debut and get reading xxx

  5. Debut novels of the Write Romantics’ are the most exciting aren’t they? I couldn’t wait for Helen P’s to come out…Rachael we are all excited about yours 🙂

  6. Congratulations! It’s always lovely to hear about someone getting ‘The Call’, especially so when it’s someone from the New Writers’ Scheme.

    Look forward to seeing your book.


  7. Congratulations Rachael that’s amazing!

    Like you I’m a NWS graduate and joining the RNA was the best thing I ever did in terms of trying to follow my writing dreams…

    Looking forward to reading your Call blog post and hearing more about the book 🙂

    Nikki x

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