The Wednesday Wondering – January Sales: Love ’em or Hate ’em?

It was New Year’s Day three weeks ago today. Did you realize that?! It would appear that 2014 is picking up pace and will soon pass us by!

January is a funny month. Some love it for the fresh start and all the hope and possibility that brings. Many hate it. I’ve seen many references to the January Blues on my Facebook feed from friends and family and have to admit that I think I’ve succumbed to them myself recently. 

January is also traditionally the month of “the sale”, although we all know that Boxing Day is when the chaos starts so I posed the question this week:

“I love the January sales!” Discuss!!!

What do The Write Romantics really think? Are they outside Next in a sleeping bag from 11.00pm the night before or do they avoid it at all costs? Let’s find out …



I have never got up early to head for the sales. I just can’t do it. I dislike the crowds, hate the rails of clothes packed so tightly that ultimately they end up on the floor.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not adverse to a bargain. I’d rather wait a while, let the mayhem of that first wave of shoppers go first then go out and see what can be found. It might be an entirely different story one day if I wanted something really badly!



January Sales – I hate them! I’m always the person who never finds a bargain – well rarely. Plus after buying for my lot for Christmas, by the time it comes to January it’s bread and water for the rest of the month, so usually no spare money to buy anything with should I ever find that elusive bargain 😉



I love the January sales! I’m afraid I’ll have to change that to “I hate the boxing day sales!” The shops start their sales here in Australia on boxing day – I think it’s tradition for the men to go to the cricket and the women to go to the shops. I’ve tried it a couple of times though and it’s only marginally better than the sport option. The crowds are horrendous, lots of pushing and shoving, and then there’s never very much I want. I think the only year I really appreciated them was when we wanted to upgrade our TV from the huge box-like one (we were one of the last families to do this I think!) to a plasma and we nabbed a real bargain.



I’m a big fan of the January sales.  After opening my credit card statement today, I’m starting to think I’m actually slightly too big a fan.  I had a bit of a splurge on new clothes this year and who can resist 50% discount in Fatface and White Stuff?  Well, I can’t anyway which is why I came home with half of a new wardrobe.  I have been to the sales on Boxing Day once.  I’ve never got up at 6am though.  But then there’s very few things that would prompt me to get out of bed that early!



I’ve got a love/hate relationship with the sales.  Love them because they give me an excuse to wander about the town for hours, stopping off for a coffee and a Krispy Kreme, without feeling guilty about the time-wasting because I’m looking for bargains that will surely save me mega-bucks throughout the year.

Hate them because while I’m searching for next year’s Christmas presents and boring but useful things like pillow-cases, I’m eyeing up another warm jumper that I really can’t pass up as it’s half price or a 70% off t-shirt that looks awfully like several I’ve got already, and I really do not need any more clothes!  I did get some great boots with buckles on though, to which the reaction of the OH was: ‘Where did you park the motorbike?’



When the children were small I loved the ‘Next’ sale because you could buy a ton of clothes for them to grow into for a fraction of the price. But those days are long gone and my enthusiasm for queuing up on a cold January morning has gone with it!

Nowadays I’m more likely to be scanning PC World for a new printer or John Lewis for something ‘notepaddy’ or writing related, not because I need it but just because!

I’m not such a big spender these days as my house is full (!) and my waistband has expanded, so clothes shopping is more ‘what will fit me’ rather than the exciting days of buying something new to go out in. Sigh!

However-I did convince myself that I needed the iPad Air as I blamed my tennis elbow on the weight of my old iPad which I read in bed. Good enough reason to me. Now I’m broke and luckily the sales are finished and that means Spring is on it’s way. Hurrah!



The January sales are not for me.  As much as I love a bargain, all that pushing and shoving and the risk of being trampled to death to try and grab the last marked down Jasper Conran dress in an elusive size 16 from the rail does not appeal to me at all.  In fact, I hate shopping; full stop.  Maybe if I was a size 10 I’d feel differently, but those 360 degree mirrored changing rooms with the neon lights, the faint aroma of desperation and someone else’s body odour drifting in from the next cubicle along is not something that sets my pulse racing.  Maybe it was my first ever job, as a Saturday girl in Top Shop where I seemed to spend all day picking up crumpled clothes and Febreezing after another smelly customer that put me off? Who knows but, either way, give me online shopping any day!



I can’t be bothered with the sales. I have never, and will never, queue up to be the first to bag a bargain. The thought of all those people pushing and snatching brings me out in a cold sweat. I hate clothes shopping at the best of times because, being outsized, this is not a pleasurable experience and I’d far online shop and be mortified in the space of my own bedroom when nothing fits! As for other bargains, I do like to browse round shops like Boots, WH Smith and Clintons (my hometown isn’t huge so we don’t have many options!) but my purchases are more likely to be half-price wrapping paper, cards, tags and Christmas decorations that I usually then re-purchase later in the year when I’ve forgotten I bought them in the sales! I was particularly pleased this year in Boots to pick up some gorgeous half-price Tatty Teddies in winter and Christmas clothes to add to my growing Christmas cuddlies collection and a couple of half-price Monster High dolls for my daughter. These are things that don’t get reduced often so I felt quite pleased with myself. Still avoided the clothes shops like the plague, though!


So we have mixed feelings about the sales I think. Most of the stuff has probably gone by now and, if it hasn’t, it probably isn’t stuff you’d want to buy anyway!

Do leave a comment by clicking on the heart at the top of this post. We’d love to hear your views on loving or hating sales. Next week will be my final Wednesday Wondering for quite a while. Don’t panic if you love following it as it’s not going away; we’re just shaping things up a bit but I’ll reveal more next week!

Julie xx


3 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wondering – January Sales: Love ’em or Hate ’em?

  1. I love shopping for clothes but the sales? Not so much. There was a time when I found the Next sale really exciting. I’d go with my daughter who was still at home then and we’d be in the shop well before nine. We managed several bargains too. Perhaps I enjoyed hunting in a pair, or maybe it’s just that I was younger and had more energy for the fight and less fear of the sharp elbows!

  2. I love January for its dark winter nights that you have to spend huddled by the fire in front of the telly! By feb I’m get bored with it and by march I’m totally fed up with it!
    I’m not a great sales hunter, but I do shop online at the end of the sales to get pressies for friends and family that I wouldn’t afford otherwise. Bargains for me come from the car boot sales in summer – you never know what you’re going to get there! But I don’t do early morning ones, I can’t think why anyone ever thought of that1

  3. Yes! This year I was lucky and found a blue sweater in the sales, couldn’t believe it I rarely find anything. I love it. I live just outside a city, half an hour’s bus ride into the centre so I could go early but I hate crowds and agree that trying on clothes is a nightmare. The mirrors never flatter one, I usually leave empty handed with a bruised ego. I am really enjoying my bargain but probably won’t go into the city again for weeks (or months).

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