This was the week that was

Well, week one of NaNo is over and the Write Romantics have had a busy week. In between starting new jobs, arranging the transfer of puppies to lovely new homes, getting stuck in traffic jams and some (truly scarily) even starting their Christmas shopping, we’ve all managed to make some progress.  Here’s what the Write Romantics have to say about their NaNoWriMo journeys so far:


Mine is up to 9,000 words. Quite pleased with that, as I didn’t start until Monday.


Well I’ll put it like this, it’s been a sluggish middle of the week and as soon as I drive to work the ideas come thick and fast- if only I could drive straight back home and set them down.   I’m at almost 8,000 with messy bits in the middle!

Helen P:

Sadly lacking but striving to do better 😉


I’m at 14,500 now and so, even if I stick to the minimum for the next three days I should be at 20,000 words by Sunday. Flagging a bit last night, though, and it definitely feels more of a chore on some days than others.  Sometimes I just want to sit on the sofa and read a trashy magazine – bliss 🙂


Slow and steady but I’m at target (just) and the discipline is exactly what I need now that I’m working 7 days a week and could easily just get home and vege in front of the TV!


I’m at just over 5k words, been busy with pups so life is hectic at the moment.  I’ve promised to treat myself to reading ‘The Wind in the Willows’ when it’s all over, though!


What have I done?  In a nutshell, not enough. I have 4,000 words and plan to have a good go at it over the next few days…

If you’re NaNo’ing too, we’d love to know how you’re doing.  We’ll post a final update about our NaNo journeys at the end of the month but, in the meantime, please wish us luck – week 2 is a notorious burn out zone!

puppies and mum


5 thoughts on “This was the week that was

  1. Nice work ladies! I’m very impressed by the word counts so far. Sounds like the ideas are coming thick and fast. Loving the puppies, Lynne. Don’t know how you can part with them! xx

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