Jo’s NaNo Journey – by the seat of her pants!

Helen P and another writing friend, Vikki Thompson, inspired me to sign up for NaNo this year and I am loving it so far.  At the time of writing this, on Tuesday evening and five days in, I have just passed the 10,000 words mark.

The novel I am writing is my second one aimed at the women’s contemporary fiction market.  The first is currently with a publisher and has, if I was using X factor as an analogy, made the judges’ houses equivalent far.  The news should be in about whether they want to publish in January and so I would like a second book ready by then; either as a follow up or as another avenue of submission if the publishers don’t want book 1.  In between I have written a YA fantasy novel, which is currently with an NWS reader somewhere out there in the big, wide world.


NaNo’ing has really pushed me to get going with Novel 2 and by the end of the process, at the current rate, I should be about three quarters of the way through.  I would rather clean toilets than edit my books, anyway, so I absolutely love the NaNo approach so far.  I took a similar approach with the YA book, writing a thousand words a day for three months, but I have almost doubled this quota with NaNo so far.

It’s not only the freedom to just write that I am enjoying , it’s also the way that writing and thinking about plot lines almost constantly has seemed to somehow kick-started my creativity.  I was out on a dog walk today, in the rain, and by the time I got home I had written a whole synopsis in my head for a potential crime novel.  I might never write it, but just seeing a ‘meals-on-wheels’ driver trying and failing to deliver someone’s lunch inspired an amazingly detailed plot.  If you’d told me a year ago that I would be writing or thinking about writing fantasy or crime novels, I wouldn’t have believed you.

So, if you haven’t NaNo’ed or considered NaNo’ing before, I would urge you to sign up next time around.  As someone on the NaNo forum I have joined so eloquently put it – we should definitely have November more often!

Jo x


4 thoughts on “Jo’s NaNo Journey – by the seat of her pants!

  1. Well done Jo on a fantastic start to NaNoWriMo. Great that it’s really sparked your creativity and I’m intrigued about the possible crime novel. Maybe one to start next November?
    Alex xx

    • Thanks Alex 🙂 I’d love to write the crime novel, but not sure if it will take more research than I am willing to do to get it right. Unfortunately, I am not as dedicated as Helen P, her research went beyond the bounds and it shows in how good her book is, doesn’t it? That said, I have two close friends who are Detective Inspectors in the Kent police and another who is a lead paramedic… So maybe if I pick their brains, lazy, moi?! I hope the edits on Beltane have started and I really can’t wait to read it when you’re ready. Jo xx

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