A NaNo-Nosey Wednesday Wondering

Well, today marks six days since the start of Nano (that’s one fifth or 20% of the way through – my old maths teacher would be proud ;-)), so we thought we’d be nosey and ask you to share what your writing aspirations are between now and the end of 2013.  If you’re not a writer, please tell us what you hope to clear from your TBR pile between now and then instead.  Hopefully, by this time next year, in addition to having Helen Phifer’s second book in that pile, you’ll be able to add some of the rest of us to your reading list too 🙂

If you’re a regular reader of the blog, you will already have heard the current writing plans for Julie, Jackie and Helen P.  In addition to completing  NaNo, Helen P is also contracted to complete a second novel for her publishers, Carina, following on from the fantastic success of The Ghost House.  So Helen has even more pressure on her writing aspirations for the rest of the year, getting this second novel completed and good to go, as well as completing NaNo, than the rest of us.

Lynne, Alex and Deirdre (who has been enthused to make a late sign-up to NaNo) tell us below about their current writing aspirations and, as with NaNo itself, for some that’s a carefully planned path and for others a journey of mystery and suspense.


I’m going to try to sign up to NaNo but I’m just going to write 50k words like crazy. I might finish my existing book or start a new one. I quite like the idea of just writing with no plan and see how that goes. I get lots of plot/scene ideas in my head quite easily and I wonder how it would work out were I to make them into a book…



By the end of the year I hope to have made the edits to Beltane that were suggested by my NWS Reader and got the MS in shape ready to start submitting.  I know from my day job that the business world tends to grind to a halt after the first week in December as everyone puts off dealing with anything new until after Christmas so I’ll hold off submitting until  early in the New Year.



What I hope to achieve writing-wise by the end of 2013 has changed drastically since I suddenly decided to sign up for Nano, 5 days late as it were.  I’m a bit worried about taking a month’s break from my contemporary romantic, ‘The Promise of Roses’, which is my intended submission for NWS next year, but there’s no choice about that if I want to give Nano a serious crack.  Besides I’m loving the freedom of writing a brand new novel – working title ‘Dirty Weekend’ – especially as it’s different from my usual type of story.  If it continues to go well, I’ll try to complete the first draft of the Nano novel by the end of the year because it doesn’t seem the kind of book I can stop and start.  Hopefully I’ll also be close to finishing the first draft of ‘Promise’ by then too but I’m not setting myself any deadlines on that; as long as I can submit to NWS around March/April then I’ll be very happy with that.



Helen R:

I have edited my first manuscript again and finished another, so I’m really getting into it now! I guess my aspirations are as they’ve always been…keep writing, keep submitting, keep responding to feedback and keep heading towards the ultimate goal of publication.


Rachael has promised to come along and tell us all about her plans too.   We look forward to hearing if you have similar aspirations to ours, or maybe you’re one of the mad bunch planning to achieve 150K by the end of NaNo?  There are some of them out there!

Whatever you are planning, we hope your writing dreams come true and, if you happen to be passing a wishing well, please throw a coin in for us too 😉



8 thoughts on “A NaNo-Nosey Wednesday Wondering

  1. Oh Helen, I don’t envy you trying to complete NaNo and get your second book off to your publisher – although I do envy you the publishing deal, of course! So many exciting plans and potential novels for the Write Romantics at the moment, that I really think 2014 could be a great year 🙂 x

  2. It will be such an achievement to manage 50,000 words and even more worthwhile if the ‘words’ turn into a novel and the novel turns in to a published book. Keep going ladies, we’re nearly there! ( with a bit of artistic licence on the ‘nearly’)

  3. I’m hoping to get a story onto paper that’s been nagging at me for years. And I’m hoping to reach that all elusive high that comes from writing. Trying to remember that the 50k words is a stepping stone on the way to a different target, not the target in itself. Good luck to all!

    • Hi Emmyleigh

      It’s funny, isn’t it, how the 50,000 words becomes such a focus in itself? I think I am deliberately trying to forget what happens after Nano, because I hate editing so much! Great to hear that you want to get that nagging story written. I finally wrote a book earlier this year that I had first thought of about 12 years ago. Still awaiting feedback as to whether it is any good – but nice to have cleared it out of my head at least!

      Good luck 🙂 Jo

  4. Well I don’t think the Write Romantics are ever going to fail on the basis of lack of determination! and that, if the experts are to be believed, is a huge part of the battle to be a successful writer. So cheers to us, but would be very interested to read others’ plans, especially our fellow NWS members.,

  5. My nano is taking shape at last, but so far is a bit gloomy, its the first person account of a young woman in total despair and how her social worker helps her. I’ve done what some modern authors, Tracey Chevalier I can remember do nowadays and flit from one person’s pov to another, with the names of the speaker above each ‘chapter.’ Goodness knows what I’ll do with it when I’m done, but so far as part of a writing marathon its doing ok!!!

  6. Great to hear about what everyone is up to. Busy bears! I’ve taken the liberty of adding Helen R’s plans into the posting as she sent them to me before bedtime in Australia given that i usually collate the Wondering but am not doing it this week. Good luck everyone with NaNo and the writing plans beyond that.
    Julie xx

  7. Hi fellow Write Romantics. I did sign up for NaNo and have started, but I am just a tad behind at the moment. I fully intend to lock myself in my writing room at the weekend and catch up.
    As for my writing plans for the remainder of 2013 – I want to get a first draft of next year’s NWS submission completed, so it can rest over the festive season and I can come back to it in the New Year. I hope to submit it to NWS sometime in the spring.
    So pleased we are all doing well. Keep writing ladies!
    Right, off to catch up on some NaNo words!!

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