Helen’s NaNo Love Affair!

I love, well I adore taking part in Nano because it gives you the freedom to just get a story down and get on with it. No worrying about anything because there is no time. I love just typing away and seeing where the story takes me. I’ve  always had a rough plan of what I want to happen except for this year. I’ve been so busy with my second novel I haven’t had time to do a detailed plan. I only have my idea and I know exactly how I want it to begin and that’s it. So this year I’m definitely a pantser!
1185224_10200753042177469_1584659865_nAnother thing I love about Nano is sitting at the back of my drawer I have two very rough drafts of novels that, once I’ve finished working on my Annie Graham, series I intend to edit and either try and get published or I may even self publish. It leaves you with a stockpile of work which is just waiting to be polished and published 🙂
Helen xx


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6 thoughts on “Helen’s NaNo Love Affair!

  1. I’m really enjoying nano too, though I have to do concentrated bouts cos there’s just so much going on at the moment. I’ve no idea what comes next in my book, but I am enjoying being a panster and so far ideas have always come to me at the right time!

  2. Having adored The Ghost House, the idea of you having lots of novels in your drawers waiting to be polished and released is a very exciting prospect. You go girl as I’m a big Helen Phifer fan!
    Julie xx

  3. Best of luck for NanoWriMo this year. Can’t wait to hear what you come up with and looking forward to finding out more about the two back of the drawer novels. Alex xxx

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