Jackie’s NaNo Adventure!

Since we’re talking of Nano, I don’t know if I’m cheating by starting out with ten thousand words already written (it’s an airline story which is hopefully a romantic suspense – the suspense at the moment being that I don’t know what the plot is, yet!) although I still do hope to do another fifty on top of that. I’m on holiday at Wells Next the Sea for the first two days of it, so will have to get up early, I think to fit it in.  The plot is loosely set around smuggling – diamonds and guns and is set in Africa and Russia (great-never been to either!) but do intend to brainstorm in the next few days so I get a definite plot.

Jackie photo

The last time I did Nano, I went off at a rushed tangent and ended up eventually scrapping about twenty thousand of the forty odd I wrote, so won’t do that again. I will probably write the names of the characters on a huge sheet of drawing paper (husband has them for designing kitchens) and another one for the plot (very loosely) and one more for ‘light-bulb’ moments. I’ll blue tac them on my ‘office’ wall and write with coloured felt tips whenever I feel the urge.

I’d love to be able to know chapter by chapter what is going to happen, but sadly that is not me. Afraid that if I was going to be an organised person, I’d be there by now! Have been googling about Africa for a few days whenever I have a spare moment to get a feel for it, but can’t settle to a particular area, although it needs to be near a diamond mine.

The nearest meeting points for Nano-ers seem to be Milton Keynes (nowhere near me!) or London, so not sure if I’ll attend any of those. Just need to give my elbow and wrist joints a few days to give the constant RSI pain a break in readiness. Have a good feeling about this novel and feel very upbeat about my writing for the first time in ages, so if Nano does nothing else for me, it’s helped to get my mojo back!



11 thoughts on “Jackie’s NaNo Adventure!

  1. Jackie – all the best with NaNo. Why do we do that to ourselves? – one of my wips is set in Australia and New Zealand, neither of which I’ve been to and if I had it wouldn’t have been in the 1930s. Perhaps it would be helpful for you to read eg Paul Theroux and his travels in Africa. And Dan Snow recently did a TV programme about the Congo and the diamond mines.

    • Thanks Kate, will get hold of a copy of Paul Theroux and will try and find the Dan Snow article on catch up or something. Saw him in Bishops Stortford a few weeks ago and kept thinking ‘I know that man from somewhere.’ It wasn’t until my husband commented that I realised I didn’t know him personally, although he’s probably used to people saying hello.

  2. I love the sound of your novel, Jackie. Diamond mines and adventure in Africa sound like just the sort of escape I could do with right now! I hope the NaNo-motivation keeps going strong and that those 50,000 words are done and passed in the next 4 weeks x

  3. The WIP sounds fab, Jackie. Looking forward to hearing more about it. Very jealous about you seeing Dan Snow. That would really brighten my day!

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