Pre-Publishing Nerves

26th September, 2013

Anyone who reads this blog may be aware that earlier on this year I was offered a two book deal with Carina Uk and in seven days to be exact I will be able to call myself a published writer, an author. It’s what I have dreamt about since I was in my early thirties and yes dreams do come true. As long as you work hard enough and never, ever give up.

 So how am I feeling I hear you ask? Let me tell you exactly how I’m feeling. Nervous is probably the most prevalent feeling at the moment, although the nerves are sometimes pushed to the side by a tinge of excitement. Today I met one of our lovely Town Centre Parking Attendants Kev who I haven’t seen for ages. (He also gives the best hugs ever as well as the parking tickets) He had heard through the grapevine about my book and told me he was really pleased for me and was going to download it onto his Kindle for his holiday and was going home to check out Amazon. After our conversation ended I walked away with the biggest grin on my face and it was such an amazing feeling. When I got back to my office I had an email off a colleague who also put a PS on the bottom and said almost the same thing that Kev had said, again I grinned with delight.

I am having a small launch, well more of a thank you party for my family, writing group and friends who have supported me so much these past couple of years. Where the main attraction will be the wonderful cupcakes I’m having made with tiny versions of my book on them. I have no intention of doing anything other than drinking a glass of wine and talking to everyone. You see I promised them all cake if they bought my book so I’ve kept my side of the bargain.

I even finally faced my fears yesterday and went to do a short interview with the most amazing, lovely journalist from the local paper after months of her asking me. Suzanne was fab she put my mind at rest and made it relatively painless. The picture on the other hand was painful. I’m not sure how I manage to cross my eyes and look as if I’ve just been stabbed in the back at the exact moment the flash goes off. It is a special talent.  But it’s done, for better or for worse and they have promised to run the story on the 2nd October when the book is out. What more could I ask for?

I think the thing which makes me nervous is the thought that my story, which has almost been like a fantasy life for me for the last eight years is about to be unleashed into the public domain. Where everyone from my bosses at work to my family and of course the lovely Kev will be able to read the stuff I’ve spent so long writing about, it certainly makes me feel queasy. I keep telling myself that other authors must feel the same and it’s a natural feeling, but I can’t help worry that what should be one of the greatest achievements of my life is being tainted with these nerves. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to push them to the side and enjoy the moment for what it is J

Helen xx


13 thoughts on “Pre-Publishing Nerves

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  2. Hi Helen, a week today … how incredibly exciting.

    As you know, the Write Romantics are all rooting for you and, as the first to be published in our little group, we’re enjoying living this moment vicariously. I think I may have a cake in your honour next Wednesday. Well, it would be rude not to! I’m not surprised it’s nerves tinged with excitement as it’s hard enough to secure a publishing deal in the first place but knowing your work is actually out there for people to purchase and comment on … well, that’s just HUGE!!!

    As you know, I’ve already downloaded ‘The Ghost House’ onto my Kindle. It’s such a shame it isn’t out one day earlier as I have a 5.5 hour train trip to Glasgow and it would have been the perfect way to spend my journey but I’m sure I’ll be able to get stuck into it on Wednesday. In fact, this sounds like an excuse for duvet day as well as cake 😉

    Immensely proud of you. Enjoy this final week’s build-up and relish in this incredibly achievement. Absolutely brilliant

    Julie xxxx

  3. I think I may have cake for Helen P’s publication day too! I’m very excited about downloading a copy and reading something by another Write Romantic.
    I really enjoyed reading about your journey, Helen, and it is such an encouragement to the rest of us to keep striving for our goal and never give up.
    Well done you,
    Helen R 🙂

  4. Oh Helen, I can just imagination that combination of feelings! However, what you really do have to do is to savour every moment (and every mouthful of cupcake :-)). The thought of an interview with a local journalist had me quivering with nerves just at the idea. But, you’ve done it. And so many other things that once only seemed like dreams are now real too. Those WRs of us that have met you liked you instantly and I just know that it will be the same with you book too. So, shove those nerves to one side and bask in the sheer pleasure of being a published author! xx

  5. Hi Helen, I second Julie’s thoughts!!! It is an amazing achievement, I too am proud of you. I’m sure any publisher must be so much harder to satisfy than the general public. It’s their money they’re investing and I don’t expect for a minute they take that decision lightly these days. Your work must have seriously impressed those old bean counters! I’m sure its a fab book & I can’t wait to read it! Will it be up on Kobo cos I haven’t got a kindle and am so broke I’m not sure I can even join the RNA next year!

    Funny you should say that about photo’s. Every time mine gets taken someone I don’t recognise jumps right in front of me and steals the limelight!!!!

    Actually, I was at an antiques auction recently looking at a fab 18th c mirror, beautifuil it was, with the mirror silvered by the passage of time.
    ‘What d’you want that for?’ asked one of the youthful porters, ‘you can’t even see into it properly, it’s all out of focus.’
    ‘Young man,’ I said (actually I didn’t say the first bit, but I wish I had), when you’re in your mid-fifties, as I am, I would pay DOUBLE for that item!’
    He laughed.

    I too am having cake on Wednesday, it is really exciting for us too!!

  6. Hi Helen
    I’m so excited for you and I really hope you enjoy publication day and your launch party. The cupcakes sound absolutely fab – what a great idea! I can understand the nerves about your work being ‘out there’ for everyone to read and I’m pretty sure (if I ever get to that point) that I’ll feel the same. However I’m sure The Ghost House will be a great success and your friends and colleagues will love it. I’ll be downloading my copy next Wednesday!
    Alex xx

  7. Yes it’s all just fab, Helen, and I’m so pleased for you. Get the launch day over and all your nerves will go away with it, I bet. Then you can sit back and let all the praise for the book come in, which it will. xxx

  8. Thank you Julie, Helen, Jo and Deirdre. I couldn’t do this without your support, you have all been amazing and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Just think very soon it will be your turn, things are happening very fast and I can’t wait until I can congratulate you all and enjoy your special moments.

    Helen xx

  9. We are all really proud of you and blessed to know you. You are such a wonderful person and I’m glad to have you in my life 🙂 no one deserves this more than you xx

  10. Well done, Helen! Have a brilliant time with your family and friends. The cupcakes sound amazing – it would be great to see a photo of them if you get the opportunity! Best wishes for every success 🙂

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