The Wednesday Wondering – Being Spontaneous

Hello and welcome to another Write Romantics Wednesday Wondering. Those of you who have been following our Wondering will know that we try to do pose a mixture of writing and non-writing questions. This week we have another non-writing question which I have to confess I ‘acquired’ from my local radio station, Yorkshire Coast Radio. Paddy in the Morning usually poses an interactive question each morning. I loved some of the responses coming in so I thought I’d ask the Write Romantics.

The wondering is:

What’s the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done (and what were the consequences)?

Here’s what some of the Write Romantics had to say…



It was to buy our little house. I’d just stepped over the threshold and it was full of loveliness, old floors, ancient glass, pretty garden etc. Had to sell it years later because of moving though.



The most spontaneous thing I ever did would have to be quitting my job, buying a one way ticket to Australia and hopping on a plane to a country where I had never been and where I never knew a soul. On a slightly less terrifying scale, a friend joined me in Melbourne a few months later and we hired a car for the day. Being the naive poms that we were, we looked at a map (not in the days of sat navs) and decided we would go and check out Ballarat, the goldfields, and then head to the Grampians and Wentworth Falls too. I remember having to pull up at the tiniest garage for petrol – the whole family who owned the petrol station came out to help us, I think it was a novelty to get a customer – and we had to buy bars of chocolate before we passed out from no food.

Back at work on the Monday morning we were asked what we had got up to on the weekend. Needless to say the rest of our colleagues thought we were hysterical…it turned out we had driven 115km up to the goldfields, another 151km to the Grampians and then 266km home. They asked if we’d set off at the crack of dawn but we set off around lunchtime, not a packed lunch or emergency snack pack in sight! I’ve never been so tired but it was an education in just how big Australia actually is!



The most impulsive thing I’ve ever done was moving in with a boyfriend three weeks after meeting him, with two of those spent on opposite sides of the Atlantic.  What was the consequence of it?  Well, my best friend did ask me who I’d like to have play me in the Crime Watch reconstruction, in case he turned out to be a murdering psychopath…  As it happens, nearly eleven years later, of which we’ve been married for almost ten, he’s sitting in the chair next to me and I’ve never (well, no more than is normal!) regretted my impulsiveness.



Spontaneity isn’t something that I’m known for and to answer this Wednesday’s Wondering I had to think long and hard.

About six years ago I began to actively pursue my dream of being a writer. After having attended several weekend writing workshops with Kate Walker I then enrolled, purely on impulse, on a course in Tuscany with Sharon Kendrick.

I couldn’t sleep that night worrying about what I’d done. I’d only ever been abroad once and that had been fifteen years previously. So the thought of travelling alone was quite daunting. I did however go and had a fabulous time, met some wonderful women and have even been again. Proof that spontaneity can have good results.



The most spontaneous thing I ever did was deciding to drive to Blackpool after work one Friday with a colleague for the weekend. This was years ago when I lived in the Midlands and my transport was an old green mini van. Got stuck in traffic on the motorway, car overheated, spent two hours in the service station car park by which time it was dark. We hadn’t arranged any accommodation so bottled out and car limped home in the dark doing 20 MPH. It’s the only thing that sticks in my mind- think that. Must mean I’m not a very spontaneous gal!



I think the most spontaneous thing I’ve ever done ended up with a baby but we won’t go into details 😉

Second to that would be, Oh this is another story which ends with a baby. When I was just over nine months pregnant with my first daughter Jessica I went on a long walk with my husband Steve to the Abbey Ruins (those ruins have shaped my life from being a child!) We lived in the town centre at the time and it was a very long walk. I was desperate to go into labour and thought this might do the trick. We reached the Abbey and the side gate was wide open so we looked at each other and sneaked in, we didn’t really have enough money to pay the entrance fee back then. We walked around the ruins and sat down for a bit while I caught my breath. When we decided to leave we went back to the gate which was now shut and locked. I looked at Steve horrified and he went to see if the museum was still open so we could leave through that way and hope they didn’t realise we hadn’t paid. He came back looking sheepish and shook his head. Bearing in mind I was nine months pregnant and could hardly walk he told me I’d have to climb over. What a sight! I had poor Steve behind me trying to give me a leg up onto the top of the railings which were quite high. I did manage to get to the top and he had to then do a bunk over onto the other side to help me get back down. He held onto me whilst I jumped down and I thought if that didn’t get my baby moving nothing would. At the time I was mortified but then once we were both on the other side we started to laugh and then began the long walk home.

And yes I did go into labour that night 🙂 xx



I’m more of a planner than a spontaneous person but I went through a phase in 2002/03 where I did quite a lot of spontaneous things. Some of them took a while to come to action but the decision was very spontaneous. In the space of a couple of months, I ended a long-term relationship, put the house we owned on the market, asked for voluntary redundancy from work and set about planning to move back to the north east (I was living in Reading at the time) to open a shop selling teddy bears! I had to wait a couple of months before I got my VR request accepted (when not enough volunteers came forward) and it took a while to sell the house but I moved back to the north east in Spring 2003. The spontaneity didn’t stop there. I decided one night to register on an internet dating site. I’d never considered doing this before and hadn’t necessarily wanted to get into another relationship but the thought popped into my head (probably helped by a couple of glasses of wine one Sunday night) and it wouldn’t go. Within a couple of hours I’d got my profile online. The next night, I got my first email from someone called Mark. Two days later, I met up with him and yesterday we celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary! I agree with Rachael, spontaneity can really work sometimes!


Please do join in and share your stories. We’d love to hear from you.

Next Wednesday we have a very special Wondering which will purely focus on one of our Writer Romantics. Helen P will be launching her debut novel that day so we’re asking her all sorts of questions about her writing and life in general. Great excuse to get really nosey!




5 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wondering – Being Spontaneous

  1. I love the stories! Especially Helen P, I remember going for rides in bumpy Landrovers at 9 months pregnant. I agreed to marry my husband 48 hours after I met him too but it was 2 years till we got married cos of all the extra organisation when you’ve been in one place yonks! I think impulse decisions often come from the heart and can be spot on!

  2. Helen R, yes it was, but still not as brave as what you did! Some great stories on here and I got a really good mental picture of what Helen P must have looked like – you can tell she’s a writer. xx

  3. Well, I’ve spent my entire life planning ahead, writing lists, ticking of jobs done, etc. and that includes professionally as a Quality Assurance and Compliance Manager. Though I say so myself, I do a great list!

    The one single totally major spontaneous thing I have ever done, was decide, after a single meeting, that P. was the woman I wanted to marry.

    37 years later, we still are.


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