The Wednesday Wondering – Let’s Hear it for Autumn!

Crash! That’s the sound of the temperature gauge dropping. Maybe it’s because I live in the north and by the sea but the weather seems to have changed overnight! From one of the best summers we’ve had in years, it’s suddenly mad panic to dig out the hats/scarves/gloves/boots and switch the heating on. Although autumn will be official upon us at the weekend, I think it has well and truly arrived. Or it has on the North Yorkshire Coast anyway!

With that in mind, I’ve set a non-writing based Wondering this week. It’s also because I’m nosey and want to delve into the lives of my fellow Write Romantics a bit more!

The Wondering is:

What do you like most about autumn and what are you personally most looking forward to this autumn?


Here’s how some of the Write Romantics responded:



Autumn is my favourite season and I am looking forward to when the nights start to draw in and, when the family are all home from work and school, pulling the curtains, lighting the wood-burner and settling down for an end of day catch up with a pot of tea and some shortbread biscuits!  It always seems more acceptable to comfort eat in the cold weather somehow. 

This autumn, in particular, the thing I’m looking forward to most is starting an art class with my sister on Thursday mornings.  It’s something we’ve decided to do just for ourselves, with no kids, husbands or work commitments to take into account!  I’m hoping it will also motivate me to finally finish the children’s picture book I’ve had on the go, on and off, for the last few years.  Oh, and I’m looking forward to lots of exciting news from my Write Romantic buddies about their submissions, competition entries and book releases.



I love Autumn. Hands up, I don’t actually like summer that much. I adore blue skies and the feel of the sun on my face … but I don’t like being hot and bothered and there was a lot of that this summer, particularly at the RNA Conference! For me, autumn represents a pleasant drop in temperature and being able to dig out the snuggly fleeces and cardigans. I absolutely adore those crisp days where the sky is blue but it’s really cold. Cue a warm hat, furry scarf and fleecy gloves and a lovely long walk kicking the crisp golden leaves.

As for what I’m looking forward to, it’s more a couple of hopes rather than what I actually have planned. I hope that an agent will pick up my debut novel and secure me at least a 3-book deal (it’s a trilogy so it would be foolish to want less!) I also hope I’ll secure a job. There’s been slim pickings over the summer but I have my first interview this afternoon for a role that is pretty much what I did in my last job so I’m hoping for a positive response.

One final thing for autumn is that it’s my wedding anniversary. I’ll have been married for eight years on Tuesday (24th Sept). Although hubby has (stupidly) booked himself a dentist appointment for two fillings that afternoon so I suspect a romantic meal won’t be on the cards!



I’m most looking forward to The Ghost House being published but I also love rainy days, dark nights and snuggling up with the laptop in front of the wood burning stove with a glass of wine.

You can pre-order Helen’s debut novel on Amazon at:



It feels strange to think about autumn as Australia is just into spring and we’re all ready to leave the cooler weather behind for a while.

My favourite seasons here are both autumn and spring…in autumn especially, it’s nice not to be so unbearably hot, the factor 30 is still going but I love it when my Sunsmart app tells me that the UV index is low enough not to have to slather it on quite so much.

Cooler weather brings hot chocolates, snuggly movies with the kids and great books to read with the heating on. I do like that we still have seasons here! Autumn especially brings the crisp, colourful leaves that we can swish through and the girls are always looking for those autumnal red colours to make a leaf collection.



Misty mornings, golden leaves, blackberries, going shopping for a cosy new jumper. Getting somewhere close to finishing the first draft of the new novel.  Not before time…



I’m looking forward to getting back to normal and the routine of daily life. Not that that’s going to happen for a few weeks yet since we’re having a new floor (well, a floor, it’s just concrete at the moment) in the sitting room and that means the horrid job of taking everything out then putting it back first!



I’m a pretty big fan of autumn especially misty mornings that turn into beautiful sunny days. I also love the leaves changing colour and the wonderful crisp light you can get on autumn days.  What I’m most looking forward to this autumn would be going to some great folk gigs, walking by the river in York on a bright day when the trees in their autumn colours are reflected in the water, getting my NWS report back (provided that it turns out to be good news) and the return of ‘Homeland’.



The swallows still chatter noisily in the stable eaves each morning, but very soon this summery sound will stop, their departure a sure sign of autumn’s arrival.

What I love about this time of the year is being able to close the curtains against the increasingly earlier darkness each evening. The thought of soon to be lit log fires make me feel warm and cosy, but unable to completely let summer go I wait, you never know, tomorrow could be a gloriously sunny day!

I love the smell of warm hearty food, like casseroles cooking in the kitchen and with several workers on the farm to feed each day these are so important – and easy. Then, talking of food, there is the thought of Christmas (sorry) not far around the corner, cakes and puddings to make.

I love to hide away from the wind and rain, shut myself in my writing room and transport myself to far away destinations. But sooner or later I have to venture out onto the farmyard and do my jobs, leaving my characters in hot sunny locations.

But if Summer and Autumn were characters what would they say to each other? How would they decide who was going to have the upper hand at this time of the year when the weather is so changeable? Here’s my take on it.

‘Today it’s my turn,’ Summer said, her warm smile lighting up the day as she strolled through the meadow, trailing her fingers across the long grass.

‘Not if I get my way,’ Autumn laughed and hurried after his new playmate. They only ever met at this time of the year, as the evenings got darker earlier and the sun lost its intensity. 

‘That’s not fair,’ Summer scolded and turned to face him, her long blonde hair lit from behind by the sun, making it shine like gold. ‘It was your turn yesterday.’

She smiled at him and Autumn felt the warm kiss of summer on his face. He liked it, wanted more than just the breezy kiss.

‘Can I come with you?’ he asked forgetting how he enjoyed buffeting the leaves from the trees and soaking everyone as much as possible, making them wrap up.

‘Only if you behave.  I don’t want a single rain drop to spoil my day. I want blue sky and fluffy white clouds, not your heavy grey things.’

‘Spoilsport,’ he said sullenly, but he knew she’d won. Today he would bask in her warmth, but tomorrow would be different. Tomorrow would be his and Summer would shelter in his shadow.


Thanks for sharing everyone and I love Rachael’s story at the end. Very evocative 🙂


Over to you as always. What do you love about my favourite season and what are you looking forward to? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Julie xxx


3 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wondering – Let’s Hear it for Autumn!

  1. Wow I’m very impressed with everyone’s replies. Mine was a very short one 😉 Fab reading about all the positive things Autumn brings. I’m also looking foward to digging out my trusty black roll neck jumpers, I love them.

    Fab answers ladies, keep them coming 🙂

  2. I loved Rachael’s story and I think that Julie’s husband will be ok because fillings set pretty quickly these days. He could always have soup though, followed by an omelette and ice cream!

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