The Wednesday Wondering – Let the Panic Commence!

Last week we explored the positives about becoming published by asking The Write Romantics, “What are you most looking forward to about being a published writer?” This week, we look at the flip side of that question and ask:

What worries you about becoming a published author?

Just like last week, there are some common themes. Here’s what the group have to say …



Managing my writing worries me and the promoting aspect, but I think that this is because it’s something entirely new. It’s exciting at the same time and I hope that once I start on that road, it will become a lot clearer. I do admire writers such as Lynne Connolly who seems to have a good business mind as well as her creative mind. When I look at the RNA Romna chat it can be quite scary to see all the issues that we, as published writers, will have to face one day but the good thing is that the forum is so open and helpful and I wouldn’t hesitate to ask for help. 



Yes, well, there’s certainly plenty to worry about…  I’m basically quite shy, though I’ve learned to hide it over the years.  Whether I can hide it enough not to appear a blithering idiot when I meet all those new people that will surely be required must be severely in doubt.  I don’t have a public face, I’m not photogenic and, quite honestly, the publicity side of things scares me more than a bit.  Then there’s the writing itself.  It isn’t one book that’s expected, it’s a whole bunch of them.  Can I write another as good, if not better, than the first?  Will the published book crash out and lead my agent/publisher to drop me like the proverbial hot brick before I’ve barely started?  And so it goes on… Somebody remind me why I’m doing this?






As a published writer I’d worry about my next book not being as good as the last. I was going to say I went to a boot fair and saw loads of Jodie Picoult books for 20p. At first I thoought that would worry me, cos she wouldn’t get any royalties from those sales, but then I thought she must have sold loads for them to be there in the first place and there must be many like me, who bought their first of hers for 20p then went on to buy loads of her backlist for my kobo.
What worries me most is not being able to keep up with the promotions side- blogs, facebook etc and heaven forbid that I have to do a book signing or a talk. I’m breaking out in a sweat just thinking about it.
What I’m most worried about once it’s published is, what if everyone hates it and what if my second book is a load of old rubbish.
Very similar to Helen P’s, I’m worried about becoming published and my book not doing well; critiques panning it, sales figures being poor etc. Because getting published is such a huge deal in itself and can take years and huge numbers of rejections, the last thing you want to do is feel ‘rejected’ once you actually achieve your life’s goal!
Scary stuff eh? But I’m sure we’ll take it all in our stride if (WHEN!) we get there. Through Romna, the Romantic Novelists Association’s online community, there’s an incredible amount of support and guidance from those who’ve felt the fear and done it anyway … and usually come out the other side unscathed! 
If you’re published, please join in and let us know what you were afraid of and how you’ve overcome your worries. Or perhaps you’re still working on it!

One thought on “The Wednesday Wondering – Let the Panic Commence!

  1. It’s certainly a scary thought, being “out there” as an author eventually, but I’m sure we’ll all agree that we wouldn’t have managed to get this far if we weren’t up for the challenge. And we know too that writers are a friendly bunch willing to help us navigate our way into this new world.
    So ladies, keep writing, keep submitting, keep getting critiqued…one day we can all meet up as published authors and we’ll laugh about these days!
    Helen R 🙂

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