The Wednesday Wondering – Let the Excitement Commence!

That’s it. Summer’s over. Well, for those with kids of school-age, it is. Personally, I think back to school is a fabulous excuse to buy some new stationery. Not for my daughter … for me! There are lots of gorgeous pads, pens and folders out there in great 3 for 2 offers or on discount. Heaven.

Anyway, I’m straying away from the point. This week I’ve set the question and The Wednesday Wondering asks us to imagine we’ve made it and have become published. I feel the need to think positively and want to believe it’s going to happen to us all. This actually isn’t too big an ask for Write Romantic Helen P whose debut novel, The Ghost House, will be released on 2nd October. That’s less than a month away. How incredibly exciting! For the rest of us, we’re at various stages from awaiting our first NWS report to preparing for our first agent submission to anxiously awaiting a “yes” from an agent or publisher.

The question is in two parts. This week, we’ve asked:

What are you most looking forward to about being a published writer?

Next week we’ll look at the other side of the coin and explore our worries about becoming published.

Here’s what eight of the Write Romantics have to say and I think you can probably spot a few themes coming out …



I am most looking forward to the increased sense of self belief I will (hopefully) get that things like that really do happen to people like me – not so sure right now!



What I’m most looking forward to is the knowledge that my book is out there and there is no point in worrying about it anymore, but most importantly no more rewrites!!



I’m most looking forward to people finally reading the stories I’ve been writing for so long – and hopefully enjoying them.



Turning something I’m absolutely passionate about into my career. Being able to write every day and be able to say, “I’m working” instead of the expectation being that my writing needs to take back seat to everything else because “it’s just a hobby”. Seeing my book in a shop. Seeing someone reading my book (although probably less likely these days given the growing popularity of e-readers). I’m taking my first big step on the world to publication today. By the end of today, I’ll have made my first agent submission. Could that be one step closer to these things being a reality?! Eek



I’m most looking forward to saying to family, ‘I’m not washing up – I’m at work!’ cos the housework gets dumped on me cos I’m home all day. Not sure it would if I was a man!



People taking my writing seriously and not treating it as a hobby that’s taken over my life. 



I must say I admire Julie’s faith in posing this question.  But she’s right of course – we WILL be published, those of us who aren’t already, and we must keep the faith, otherwise, in the words of Private Frazer from Dad’s Army, we’re doomed!  This is one thing I look forward to as a published writer, the change of mindset from believing and hoping I can do this to knowing I can. It must be the best feeling ever.  There will be an element of ‘I told you so’ as well. We’ve all been confronted with the Doubting Thomases who, when they hear you’re writing a book, give you that head-tilted smile and tell you how great it is that you’ve got a little hobby. But the ultimate prize for me will be seeing that book with my name on it sitting on a shelf in a shop, although I shall probably pass out on the spot from excitement and have to be manhandled out of Smith’s by a paramedic. Oh, and making a bit of money, of course. Now that would be nice…


Not mumbling “I write”…”I’m trying to write a novel”… or other such similar responses when people ask what I do. When I was studying it was an easy response, when I wrote freelance for magazines and got published it was easy to say what I did, so I look forward to the day that I can say in a much bigger voice that I am an author!

Your turn now. If you’re a writer, what would your answer be? If you’re a reader, what do you think would be the most exciting thing for your favourite author? Please join in by clicking on the heart next to the title to open up the comments box at the bottom of the posting. If you don’t have a response, perhaps you have a Wondering you’d like us to use in future weeks. 

Don’t forget to come back again next Wednesday (11th) to see what worries us most about becoming published.

Happy September!




2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wondering – Let the Excitement Commence!

  1. Gosh Helen, I’m so sorry. I always do the Wondering in word then paste it in and, this week, I did them in the reverse order I’d been sent them. I know I definitely included yours because I said I had eight responses and there were only 7 posted so I must not have cut down far enough. I have now amended it and, again, apologise for omitting it, especially as you’re usually first back! Thanks for flagging up. I’ll make sure your response is right at the top for the next one!
    Julie xx

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