The Wednesday Wondering – Our Characters on the Big Screen

Another week, another Wondering! This week we return to another passion of ours – films with a fabulous (but very tough) question set by Write Romantic Jo:

Who would you like to play the main character(s) in your book if it were made into a film? OR Who would you love to see the main characters in a book you love that hasn’t yet been made into a film (or perhaps a remake if you hated the film version that has been made)?

I think this Wondering has really captured the imagination of the group as most of the Write Romantics have responded to this one and have all chosen their own books. I think it’s such a dream scenario for us all that, not only will our books be published, but they’ll be made into Hollywood blockbusters too. Well, it has to happen to someone. Why not us?!

Although the only book I’ve read is Jo’s, I loved reading everyone’s responses because I instantly got a feel for the type of characters in their books. Mind you, I had to Google a few of them because I’d never heard of them … mainly because I’m far too busy writing and my sacrifice is very little TV! I have, however, now discovered a few new hotties I didn’t know existed!!! 😉



If my book ever made it to film I would love to see Jessica Lucas play Jenna. When I saw Jessica Lucas’s photograph she felt right for the part. Her mother is white and her father is black, just like my character in the book. For Jake, I would envisage an actor such as Paul Walker with the lighter hair, the blue eyes. I could see him playing the part of a vet too, and looking ruggedly handsome as he works. I could see these characters together in a film … who knows, maybe one day. After all, we can all dream!



The main characters in Beltane are Finn, Zoe and Maeve. Zoe is new to the world of magic and has a lot to deal with in terms of coming to terms with her own gift and what’s happening around her. I think Karen Gillian (Amy Pond in Doctor Who) would be a fantastic Zoe. 

Maeve pretends to be a spiritual healer but is actually very cold and calculating. I think an actress like Lindsay Duncan would be wonderful.

Finn is a lot trickier. My friends who have read Beltane have very strong opinions on this and so far we’ve not found anyone we agree on. The person that Finn most looks like is Dan Snow. Now I’ll admit that a while ago I had a bit of thing about Dan (and watched one or two history programmes for no other reason) but I didn’t intend him to be the model for Finn. It just kind of happened. So far I’ve not been able to think of an actor who looks like Dan Snow. If anyone knows of one then let me know. I’ll be happy to check out any possible candidates! [Alex – closest I can think of is the absolutely gorgeous Paul Rudd who played Mike, Phoebe’s partner, in Friends but has been in a stack of films – Julie]



I’m not very good with names of famous people but I do know of Aiden Turner- the Irish one from Being Human, not the English one from – something else! I always imagined his face when I was writing about my gypsy boy as he looks dark and swarthy (and a little bit like he needs a good wash but I could soon have him in the shower!)



I would love to see Sigourney Weaver sporting a very British Accent to play my main character Police Officer Annie Graham in The Ghost House and of course Detective Sergeant Will Ashworth would have to be Brad Pitt or actually I have a bit of a thing going on for Kevin Bacon at the moment so either of them would be fantastic.



I massively struggled with this one because I tend to have a good idea of the basics of appearance but don’t fill in the blanks fully. I once tried to find some images to inspire me and I didn’t feel anyone quite cut it but I’ll have a go for here because, as the host of the Wednesday Wondering, I’m determined not to back out of responding to one! I will not be defeated!

I have 5 main characters in my novel, Searching for Steven. Sarah is the protagonist and is a strong woman, a hopeless romantic and slightly ditzy at times. She’d need to eat a few pies for the role but Anne Hathaway would be my first choice. Sarah has two best friends, Clare and Elise. Clare is Irish, blonde, stunning, a massive flirt, a commitment-phobe, a career woman and very straight-talking. No idea if she can do an Irish accident but the closest I can think of in looks is Charlize Theron although she is a bit old for the character (sorry, Charlize – you’re still beautiful!) Elise is a very gentle soul and loyal friend. She has auburn hair so that limited me slightly (unless we get the dye out). Not perfect but we’ll go for Amy Adams or Isla Fisher.

For the boys, I turned to Glamour Magazine’s Top 100 Sexiest Males to try and get some inspiration but it didn’t actually help! There are some very odd choices on there! Sarah has two men battling to steal her heart. First love Andy would probably be played by Matthew Goode (who I adore in Leap Year) and new friend Nick would be Patrick Dempsey (although he’s also a bit too old so may need to be tweaked in the editing suite!)  Spookily enough, they’ve both been in favourite films of mine with Amy Adams (Leap Year and Enchanted respectively) so maybe she needs to be Elise as she’s worked with them before. Or maybe not because she was their love interest in those films and if the men start fighting over Elise instead of Sarah … well, we have a completely different book!



In the book I’m writing now I definitely had in mind Laila Rouass and Edward MacLiam when I came up with my main characters. She’s just beautiful, and I do love an Irish actor…  They played Sahira and Greg in Holby City, a storyline I got tremendously involved in as it was so emotional, and sad since they didn’t end up together.  Unfortunately, when my book comes out and is made into a film  *much laughter* they won’t be able to play the actual parts unless they can play quite a bit younger. But who knows, maybe they can!



My answer would be that I would have liked Colin Firth ten years ago, around the Bridget Jones diary era, to play the hero in my book, but he has gone just a tiny bit too crinkly around the edges now – haven’t we all? Or maybe it is just me and Colin! Got a thing for Ewan McGregor at the moment after watching him in tight armour in Jack and the Giant Slayer, so I think I’ll cast him.  I’d like my heroine to be played by Holly Willoughby. Okay, I know she’s not an actress, but she’s got just the right look and sense of humour and I am sure she’d be able to turn her hand to it – after all, she’s apparently a published children’s author now too, but I have decided not to hate her too much for that!


What do you think of our choices? Would you go to see a film with this cast of characters? If you’re a writer, who would you like to have playing the main parts in your book? Whether you’re a reader or a writer (or both), are there any books not yet made into films for which you visualise certain actors? Unless I’ve missed it, I don’t think the actors for 50 Shades have been confirmed yet. If you’re read that, perhaps you have a visual of who would play Ana and Christian (have I got the names right?!)

Please join in. We’d love to hear from you.




6 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wondering – Our Characters on the Big Screen

  1. Just rememberd that I found Ryan Gosling rather ‘interestingly sexy’ in the Notebook ( although he’s probably only about 25) so would quite like him to play the lead in my next novel which is about a bum of a singer/songwriter who makes it big. he looks like he’d fit the part

    • Ah, that’s what he’s been in! A friend was on about him the other day and I got him confused with Ryan Reynolds (also a hottie) but I have seen The Notebook and agree with you. Julie xx

  2. Hello girls! Thanks for another interesting question. I haven’t read Fifty Shades so have no thoughts on that whatsoever, sorry!
    As for my own novel…well, it really helped me to “cast” my characters from the beginning of writing it. I found it really helped me to visualise each scene. I actually have a real person in mind for every single person in my book and I have made a private Pinterest board with their pictures, and also pictures of the real place that became my fictional village and several other things that have been inspirational to me. When I’m feeling more confident I will make the board public.
    So who did I cast? Well, I have to be honest and say that the secondary characters were all cast very easily and have never changed throughout the twenty two months of writing, but funnily enough, the two main characters DID change. Initially, I could only visualise Colin Firth and Renee Zellweger in the roles but, like Jo, I eventually began to see Colin as just too old to be my hero. So sorry, Colin, because I adore you but you are not in your thirties any more, let’s be honest. It will come as no surprise whatsoever, to anyone who knows me, to learn that I replaced him with Benedict Cumberbatch. I’m honestly not sure which came first – my passion for my hero or my passion for Benedict. I think one is feeding into the other and I find it very hard to separate them! Which is why, when I stare at my desktop wallpaper of Mr Cumberbatch at work I’m not sure that I’m not daydreaming about my lovely hero or the actor I’ve cast!
    The hardest character was my heroine. Eliza is a thirty-three year old woman who goes through quite a lot of changes both in character and looks, so it was difficult. I think the closest I could get to her would be Kate Winslet as she’s not too thin and changes her look a lot, too. Also, she has a lovely voice and I loved her character in The Holiday. There is something quite reassuringly “nice” about her despite her starry status.
    I won’t bore you with details of the rest of my cast – suffice it to say that there is a multitude of interesting characters who are all set to get their share of the limelight in future books in the series. But whether I’ll get round to changing my desktop wallpaper is another matter entirely! 🙂

    • Hi Sharon, thank you for joining in as always. Fabulous answer and fascinating to hear that you found the characters first. A friend of mine did that and had these images all over her office walls. It seemed so inspiring so I spent hours trawling the internet and couldn’t find anyone suitable. Perhaps it’s because I’d worked on the book for about 7 years before I tried so I knew my characters. I think I may start the other way round when I write my first book outside the trilogy.

      Have to admit, Kate Winslet was tempting for one of my characters as I do really like her and I agree with you about the “nice”.

      Julie xx

    • Hi Sharon, I nearly asked you the other day if you planned to write a character based on the lovely Benedict in your next book! And see you were already doing it!

  3. Hi everyone,

    I’ve taken to finding characters for my novels and then looking at their pictures frequently…it really helps me to focus and not worry about whether they have blue eyes one minute and green the next!
    It was also a lot of fun googling to find who I thought would be a good fit. It sounds odd, but I knew when I’d found the one!

    Helen R.

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