The Wednesday Wondering – Who Won’t be Top of Your Xmas Card List?

Welcome to another edition of The Wednesday Wondering and today’s fabulous question has been posed by Write Romantic Alex. In our first Wondering, we asked which heroine you’d love to go on a girly night with and now the tables are turned to the people you probably wouldn’t be rushing to have drinks with…

Which fictional character do you most dislike and why?

I think this is a brilliant question (thanks Alex) but also a really hard one. As the collator of responses, I kept getting answers through and thinking, “Yes, of course, I hate that character; great response. But I really need to think of one myself!” Anyway, I have finally come up with one and here are the responses of the Write Romantics in reverse alphabetical order today.

Please do join in and let us know what you think. Next week’s question has already been posed but we continue to invite other suggestions so shout up if there’s anything you’d like us to ask (and don’t forget to give your answer too!)



I struggled with this because most of the really memorable evil/nasty/vicious characters that instantly spring to mind are from films. I know the books came first but I find it hard to separate them from the amazing portrayal in the film (see Jo’s, Alex’s and Helen’s answers or think Imelda Staunton’s brilliant Professor Delores Jane Umbridge in Harry Potter). Or I think of a character (again from film or TV) and realise I haven’t actually read the book (e.g. in the case of Alex’s response!) I’m therefore  going to go for something really random and say Lady Macbeth. Not because she’s a villain but simply because she raises very bad memories for me personally. In the play (which we studied for GCSE English Literature), she has a lot of very long monologues and they take some getting your mouth around. I’m slightly short-tongued and our teacher picked me to read out Lady Macbeth to the class. I tripped and slobbered my way through it. At the end, the teacher said to the class, ‘So, what have we learned about Lady Macbeth today?’ One bright spark piped up, ‘That she has a lisp!’ Twenty five years on, I still remember it clearly, it still hurts and I’ll never forgive Lady Macbeth for putting me through it!!!



Percy Wetmore, from Stephen King’s ‘The Green Mile’. If you have seen the film you will know what an odious character the young prison officer is, but this comes across even more skilfully in the book. Oh to have a modicum of King’s talent!


Helen P

The fictional character I most dislike would have to be Pennywise the clown from Stephen King’s ‘It’. I have never really like clowns since I watched Poltergeist as a kid, then when I read about that clown who could transform into your worst nightmare to kill you it totally freaked me out.



Mrs Elton from ‘Emma’ by Jane Austen. She’s the original ‘smug married’. A woman who’s always boasting about how much better her life is than yours. She’s patronising, a social climber and particularly mean to Emma because Mr Elton once fancied himself in love with her. I know this may seem like a strange choice when fiction has so many really evil characters but, with any luck, we won’t meet anyone like that in real life. I think most of us will know a Mrs Elton.


So, who sets your teeth on edge or raises your hackles and why? Can’t wait to hear from you.




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