NWS 2013 Feedback

Hello all,

Last night I received my reader’s report from my NWS submission. I read it just before I switched the light off to go to sleep…strangely settling in a way!

I just wanted to post to say that I’m in awe of the work that our readers put in. My report is so detailed (I’m in Sydney, Australia, and so my information comes in a report and not on the original manuscript). What I was really happy about was that this time the report focused on different aspects to the report I received in 2012. The reader also gave me some valuable tips regarding my synopsis, which I knew was weak as I really struggled to write it.

So, whilst my manuscript still needs a lot of work before I can send it out, it looks as though I’m learning many lessons as I go along.

Happy Writing everyone!

Helen. (NWS since 2012).


10 thoughts on “NWS 2013 Feedback

  1. Hi Helen,

    I’m glad you have found many positives in your report and that it’s going to be very helpful. Are you going to leave it for a few weeks now before you make your revisions? My report last year was really quite critical and the reader told me that before she started, however the information and advice was wonderful once I got over the shock 😉

    Good luck,

    Helen x

    • Hi Helen,

      I’m getting on with it today. After 9 weeks away from the manuscript while it went off to the UK I feel that I’m ready to tackle it. Their critique was tough but that’s what it’s for and that’s what will help in the long run.

      Helen R (feeling much less daunted after reading the critique a few times)

  2. Brilliant Helen!! I find them really helpful too, they point out things I’d never thought of. Take care, Lynne x

  3. Hi Helen

    Great that this has been so motivational for you and that you can really see a way forward to getting the TS polished to perfection, come submission time, by applying this feedback. Looking at Helen P’s comments it shows just how far a writer can progress in a year and, at the risk of sounding like Del Boy, “This time next year we’ll all be millionaires” – or published writers at least! Well done and you are a better woman than me for reading that straight before bed, my brain would have gone into over drive at that point 😉

    Jo x

  4. How exciting! As someone whose TS is currently with my reader, my obvious question was how long did you have to wait between submission and report? I’m in the terrible “it could be any day now” phase. Last week there was no physical chance of it appearing but today was probably the 1st day it could have done. It didn’t.

    Were there things in there that you were expecting? Were there things in there that solved plot dilemmas you’ve had? Were there things in there that you disagree with? Spot the person who loves the detail!!!


  5. Hi Julie,

    It was almost 8 weeks between Melanie receiving the manuscript and my report being emailed. It was good to have some time away from it though. Thankfully my new lessons to learn are different from last years and I really feel like this attempt was better. It’s a lot to wade through and work on but I’m actually enjoying doing it -when I sent the manuscript to the UK I was at the point where i couldn’t stand to look at it!!!

    Good luck and fingers crossed for a good report.

    Helen R. X

  6. Well done on getting your NWS in so early. I am always in awe of the work the readers put in. My reports are long and detailed and extremely helpful, even when the submission has been made at the end of August! I’m well ahead now though, after submitting in March and plan to work on that story again in a few months.

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