In the blink of an eye

It’s gone! I chased it, ran after it, at one point I held it in the palm of my hand. Then like a dream it faded away.

Ideas are the things that weave a novel together. Each strand is woven carefully into the fabric of the story. Carefully you select the colours you are going to use, then decide in which order you are going to start weaving. Everything is ready then you start to weave all those wonderful thoughts that you have had together.

weaving 2

Isn’t it wonderful all these amazing creations that you have had are starting to come together? The colours are looking fantastic. The fabric is looking good your work of art is coming together.

Then out of nowhere comes a snag in the fabric, something you hadn’t thought of. One of the strands doesn’t make sense it seems to be out of sync. Suddenly the colours are not looking as bright as when you had started. Carrying on you hope it will sort itself out. Keep on weaving and it will fall into place. It’s no good the strand is going to have to be removed.

Suddenly your fabric has a hole in it. How are you going to repair it?

You start looking for that strand that will fill the gap. Maybe another colour might patch it up. It starts to look good, but it’s not as perfect as it needs to be. You try again. That’s it almost got it. There it is the snag has gone, the hole has disappeared. Standing back you see the completion of your work of art.

Writing a novel is a work of art. Every idea is a strand waiting to be tied together. We all want our work to be as perfect as possible. Sometimes it doesn’t come together straight away and there can be delays. Yet in the end when we have done the best to make it as perfect as possible, then we can stand back and say that we are an artist of the written word.

Lorraine x


7 thoughts on “In the blink of an eye

  1. Hi Lorraine, what a great post and lovely imagery. I think my 1st novel has had a lot of snags, tears and holes along the way but hopefully I’ve repaired them all and my NWS reviewer thinks so too!

    Julie xx

    • Hi Julie, I know all that hard work will definitely have been worth it. What a feeling of joy to know you have done it. Well done. And if there is an odd snag you may have missed, you have a second chance to repair it. That’s what I love about the NWS.
      Lorraine x

  2. What a lovely analogy, Lorraine. So enjoyed reading that. In my last I had my characters creating an embroidered wall hanging comprising individual squares showing the story of the village. Once it was hung it became ‘a masterpiece of colour, stitchery and story-telling’. Writing is just one way of telling the story, it’s our way and we should be proud of our creations. My, aren’t we getting lyrical today!
    Deirdre x

  3. Hi Deirdre,
    Somthing a bit different to start the day. You are right. In our writing journey we are all creating something different, Isn’t it amazing when everything comes together. And you see the end product. Though sometimes our journey can have a few snags, but the end product is worth it. And just like your wall hanging it becomes alive. Yes, am feeling very lyrical. Looking at ideas in a different way.
    Lorraine x

  4. Hi Lorraine

    I agree with Deirdre and I thought your post was like a poem in many ways, with metaphors for your art. If you don’t already write poetry then you should!

    If you can evoke images with your words like that, I really look forward to reading your novel as I imagine that you will be a brilliant at creating a sense of place, particularly in the exciting settting you have for your book.

    Jo x

  5. Thanks Jo,
    I really appreciate the encouragement. I have never thought of writing poetry. Who knows after my novel is finished, I might just give it a whirl.
    Lorraine x

  6. Hi Lorraine
    What a lovely post. Jo’s right, it is really poetic and I’m sure that flare for imagery comes out in your writing.

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