Meeting Katie Fforde in Sydney

Hi all,

As you may have seen from Romna, I was lucky enough to meet up with Katie Fforde in Sydney last Wednesday. 

Katie gave this quote by way of encouragement and I wanted to share it all with you, particularly Jo and Julie who founded this website which is just amazing for all those involved:

“The road to publication can be long and hard and you need people who understand quite how hard in order to keep you going.”

I think that this website is wonderful and on my to do list is to get onto the NWS forum too…this week I hope. It was lovely to talk to Katie about her experiences and her writing routines and I felt on a bit of a high afterwards like I’d progressed in my journey some more. It proved to me how important it is to have other writer friends in such a lonely profession.

I hope to meet some fellow writeromantics one year at the conference (maybe 2014 if I make it to the UK), and if any of you are ever down under please look me up!

Happy writing 🙂



6 thoughts on “Meeting Katie Fforde in Sydney

  1. How fantastic to meet Katie! Thanks for passing on her words of advice. I too find writing a lonely business and I’m so grateful that I’m meeting such a lot of lovely people through this blog and the RNA.

  2. Katie is lovely isn’t she? I got to know her a little when I ran the workshop in Cirencester a few years ago. She was always nice & even invited me and my sister to tea (she lives near me) as my sis is her greatest fan! I’m sure she’s right about us sticking together.

    I must find my way to the NWS forum. It would be lovely to see you in the UK, I’d love to all meet up, or as many of us as possible.

    Meanwhile thank goodness for the internet! Lynne x

  3. Great to read about your meeting Katie Fforde, Helen. I’ve been lucky enough to meet her at the RNA conference. She’s great. It would also be wonderful if you could make it in 2014!

    I too will try and find my way to the NWS forum, so may see you there Lynne.

  4. Thanks for sharing Helen. I had my favourite author, Jill Mansell, reply to one of my Romna comments and also respond to something on my Facebook page. I was beside myself with excitement so I can imagine meeting someone who has achieved what we all aspire to achieve must be so amazing. I now want to meet Katie too as she sounds lovely! Great quote. And thanks for your kind words about Jo and I setting up this blog. It really is an honour to have facilitated the coming together of 10 different women with a passion for writing and to share our journeys together. I also hope we can all meet one day. But I think we have a great excuse to book a plane ticket to Oz!!!! xx

    • I definitely think a trip to Oz is in order. It is great to share with everyone about our writing journeys.
      And what a wonderful opportunity to have a one to one with Katie!
      I met her briefly at one of the conferences, she is lovely.
      It would be great if you could come for the conference next year.
      Lorraine x

  5. Hi Helen

    Thank you so much for posting this. I really admire you for your ability to get out there and network. I am sure that Helen P can confirm how important this is, following her experiences at the RNA conference and her recent wonderful news.

    Katie seems to have an awful lot of time for us aspiring writers and I am so glad that she gave you a boost, you deserve to feel that you have advanced on your journey and your recent positive feedback also supports this.

    Sometimes the journey does seem to present barriers that feel insurmountable and I feel like lying down in the road, so it is great to hear that others who are now where we want to be have felt just the same along the way. I think I read somewhere that Katie had 8 years of rejection from HMB, before she found her own, hugely successful path.

    Thanks again for posting and hopefully, one day, we can give other aspiring writers that same encouragement and motivation. I look forward to meeting you one of these days too and either here of Australia is good for me!!!

    Jo x

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